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Because fuel economy is a priority for today’s drivers, Chevrolet has 14 models that offer an EPA-estimated 30 MPG highway or better. Malibu and Impala feature available gas-saving stop/start technology, which automatically shuts off the engine when the car has stopped and seamlessly restarts it when you’re ready to go, so you’re not wasting fuel while you’re sitting still.

Fuel-efficient trucks and SUVs like Silverado 1500 and Tahoe use Active Fuel Management to save gas by running the 8-cylinder engine on 4 cylinders when the load is light and road conditions are level. The turbocharged Cruze Eco incorporates smooth underbody panels, a rear spoiler and lower front grille air shutter that closes at high speeds, lowering air resistance and raising MPG.

Want to get away from gasoline altogether? Chevrolet has plenty of diesel and electric vehicle options to choose from. Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel offers a highway fuel economy that is unsurpassed by any gasoline or diesel car in America with an EPA-estimated 46 MPG highway. Volt, the everyday electric car with gas for longer trips, utilizes an electric drive unit alongside a gas-powered generator to give the ingenious hybrid car an total estimated range of 380 miles. For drivers looking to go completely emissions-free, the fully electric Spark EV eliminates reliance on gasoline with an average range of 82 miles per charge. So, whatever your style, Chevrolet is here to help you go the distance.



To help you get more out of each gallon, Cruze Eco takes Cruze to the next level with features like smooth underbody panels, a rear spoiler and a lower front grille air shutter that closes at high speeds, decreasing air resistance to make sure that nothing stands between you and your destination. Combined with lighter weight wheels, lowered ride height and ultra-low rolling resistance tires, Cruze Eco takes Cruze signature fuel economy to the next level with an EPA-estimated 42 MPG highway.

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  • Cruze Eco offers outstanding efficiency bolstered by advanced technology.
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In low-demand situations when full engine power isn’t needed, Active Fuel Management™ (AFM) deactivates cylinders, effectively turning a V6 or V8 EcoTec3 engine into a four-cylinder. When it senses the need for full power, AFM instantly reengages all cylinders, giving you the power you need when you need it.


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  • Silverado 3500 HD isn’t just capable, it’s our most capable heavy duty truck ever.
  • Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel, shown in Summit White.
  • With an available Duramax® 6.6L Turbo-Diesel, Silverado 2500HD Is a truck ready to work.
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The Chevrolet diesel lineup allows drivers to maximize efficiency and amplify performance, delivering incredible fuel economy while reducing emissions.


Clean-driven performance

Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel , the only small domestic diesel car, offers an EPA-estimated 46 MPG highway. A turbocharged 2.0L clean diesel engine delivers an SAE-certified 151 horsepower and 264 lb.-ft of low-end torque, outperforming the Jetta TDI, all while generating at least 90% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions compared to previous-generation diesels.


Proven power

If you have heavy-duty demands, you need the strength only a diesel truck can provide. How’s this for proven power: There are more than 1 million Duramax® Diesels with Allison® transmissions on the road today with more than 100 billion miles of experience. Whether towing heavy equipment or hauling massive loads, Silverado HD with the available Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 is one work truck that’s been getting it done year after year.

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  • The 2015 Volt in Crystal Red Tintcoat (extra-cost color) with available features.
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Ready to test the limits of how far an electric vehicle can take you? With its ingenious propulsion system, Volt lets you drive on pure electricity for your everyday commute and seamlessly switches to gasoline for longer trips. In fact, owners who charge regularly are averaging more than 900 miles between fill-ups. In just four years, Volt has earned more accolades and more “best buy” awards than any other electric vehicle on the planet. No wonder it’s America’s best-selling plug-in.



What’s an electric vehicle doing with 327 lb.-ft. of torque? Well, for one thing, Spark EV does 0 to 60 in 7.2 seconds. Add to that 82 miles of electric range on zero-emissions power and technologies like available OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi connectivity and you have the most fun, most efficient EV you can buy.


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  • 2015 Spark EV features an innovative electric propulsion system drive unit paired with a lithium-ion battery.
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  • 1 12 Based on initial vehicle movement.
  • 2 3 EPA-estimated MPG city/highway: Impala with 2.5L engine 22/31
  • 3 2 EPA-estimated MPG city/highway: Malibu with 2.5L engine 25/36.
  • 4 13 Devices must be WPA2-compliant with active OnStar service and data plan. Wi-Fi devices manufactured prior to 2006 may not be compatible. Please consult your device manufacturer for information regarding the WPA2 security protocol and Wi-Fi device compatibility. Visit onstar.com for details and system limitations.
  • 5 7 Clean diesels generate at least 90% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions when compared to previous-generation diesels.
  • 6 6 EPA-estimated 28 MPG city/42 MPG highway with available ECOTEC 1.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed manual transmission with Eco overdrive gearset.
  • 7 5 EPA estimate MPG city/highway: Tahoe 2WD 16/23; 4WD 16/22.
  • 8 4 Silverado: EPA-est. 18 city / 24 hwy. mpg (2WD) 17 city / 22 hwy. mpg (4WD) 4.3L V6, 16 city / 23 hwy. mpg (2WD) 16 city / 22 hwy. mpg (4WD) with available 5.3L V8, 15 city / 21 hwy. mpg (2WD) 15 city / 21 hwy. mpg (4WD) with optional 6.2L V8.
  • 9 11 Based on New Vehicle Registrations Dec. 2010–Feb. 2014.
  • 10 10 EPA-estimated MPG city/highway: Cruze Diesel with 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel 27/46.
  • 11 9 EPA-estimated 119 MPGe combined city/highway fuel economy equivalent with 28 kWh per 100 miles. Your actual range may vary.
  • 12 8 342-mile extended range based on EPA-estimated 35 MPG city/40 highway (gas). 38-mile initial range based on 98 MPGe (electric). Actual range varies with conditions.

Destination Freight Charges

To allow you to do an accurate price comparison with prices featured on other Internet sites, GM provides Internet pricing both with and without the Destination Freight Charge (see prices including Destination Freight Charge below). To get full pricing details, go to our Build Your Own section.