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Chevrolet MyLink

Life. Simply Connected.

Every drive you take becomes instantly more enjoyable with available Chevrolet MyLink. This system puts your technology at your fingertips and keeps it all perfectly organized on an 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen and visible on an available 4.2-inch diagonal Driver Information Center screen. Pair up to ten different devices through Bluetooth® wireless technology or plug into up to 3 USB connections and each ride you take is instantly personalized. Access your contact lists, music playlists, Pandora® Internet Radio, directions and more through your completely customizable Chevrolet MyLink system. Chevrolet MyLink is intuitive, too. Using natural voice control, changing a station or placing a call is a conversation instead of a memorized command. Chevrolet MyLink makes enjoying every drive simple, safe and really entertaining.

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Be Entertained

Pandora Internet Radio

Listen to your own personalized radio stations based on your favorite songs, artists, comedians or composers with the Pandora® mobile app on your compatible smartphone. Pandora lets you create your own stations based on a particular artist or genre. You can even customize your stations by marking songs you like as you discover new music. With Chevrolet MyLink, you can access the app right from the color touch-screen once your smartphone is paired with the Chevrolet MyLink system. For full functionality, Apple devices should be plugged into USB ports.

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USB Media Devices

All your favorite songs and playlists you listen to at home or at work can come with you for the ride, as long as they’re stored on your mobile device or music-loaded flash drive. Just connect the device or drive to your Chevrolet MyLink using one of the three USB ports. Then control your music through the 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen or with natural voice commands. You can even create one big music library with MyMedia, a new Chevrolet MyLink feature that compiles music playlists from several media devices when they are connected through the USB ports. Chevrolet MyLink keeps you and your passengers entertained and in control, even while your devices are safely stored away.

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Gracenote Technology

The Gracenote® technology feature identifies the music on your music device or USB drive when they are connected to your Chevrolet MyLink. Gracenote instantly indexes the songs in your music library and fills in missing song information. Gracenote also assigns voice tags, including common nicknames of some of the more famous artists, so you can quickly and easily search for your music using natural voice control.


Chevrolet MyLink has classic AM/FM radio and a CD player, but it makes using these features simple and easy. Using natural voice recognition and the steering wheel controls, you can change stations, tracks or CDs without taking your hands off the wheel. With Chevrolet MyLink, you can easily access and enjoy music from any source.

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Satellite Radio

Listen to music, sports, news, talk, comedy, weather and more on any of the more than 180 commercial-free stations on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  Your Chevrolet MyLink system comes with a 3-month trial so you can discover everything satellite radio has to offer. Whether you are on your daily commute, running errands or on a cross-country trip, your favorite stations will stay with you wherever you go, and you can even save those stations as “favorites” right on your homepage screen. Chevrolet MyLink with SiriusXM Radio will keep you entertained with whatever you want to hear wherever you go.

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HD Radio®

On 2013 and 2014 Impala models, the Chevrolet MyLink system allows you to experience the digital evolution of AM/FM radio with HD Radio®, included with Chevrolet MyLink. HD Radio offers crystal-clear static-free sound with more programming choices. You’ll see enhanced information on your color touch-screen, like artist, song title and album names. HD Radio also gives you the option to tag songs that you like so you can easily purchase later with the iTunes® tagging feature.

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Take Control

Hands-Free Calling & Text Message Alerts

With Chevrolet MyLink you can stay in touch with hands-free calling and access to your personal address book. Once you’ve paired your compatible smartphone and address book with Chevrolet MyLink, just tap the Push to Talk button on your steering wheel and simply say who you’d like to call. The natural voice recognition technology will get you connected quickly and easily.

With Text Message Alerts, available on 2015 Impala models,keeping in touch on the go is now seamlessly integrated with every drive. When you’re in your vehicle, this convenient feature alerts you when a new text has been received, allows you to listen to messages, view messages (when your vehicle’s not in motion), and reply with a preset message with a compatible smartphone.


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Natural Voice Recognition

Chevrolet MyLink has been designed specifically to help users access their music, contacts and more by simply speaking while keeping their hands on the wheel. With Nuance® natural voice recognition, there’s no need to memorize voice commands. Nuance works to recognize your specific speech patterns and accent, so voice recognition is more conversational and is less commanding. Simply press the “Push to Talk” button and then say what you’d like your Chevrolet MyLink system to do. The more you use this feature with your MyLink system, the more it will recognize your voice, so finding a contact using a nickname or requesting directions to a new address is easy and natural.

OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation

With OnStar® Turn-by-Turn Navigation, you’ll always get where you need to go. Press the blue OnStar button and you’ll be connected with a friendly advisor in seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Let them know where you’re going and they will find the best route for you to take. The OnStar Advisor will send the turn-by-turn directions straight to your color touch-screen. And if you take a wrong turn or choose a different route, the directions will automatically update and find a new path to your destination. You can experience everything OnStar has to offer through your free six-month trial.


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SiriusXM Travel Link

Make smarter decisions when you use SiriusXM Travel Link, available through a 3-month trial with the available Chevrolet MyLink with Navigation system. Get real-time updates on fuel prices at nearby gas stations and stay one step ahead of the weather with up-to-the-minute reports. You can even check on movie times in the area. You’ll enjoy a standard 3-month trial and get the comfort and convenience of staying in the know.

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