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Some prefer to build their own legends over rewriting someone else’s masterpiece. Such is often the case in racing, when teams would rather add components to a bare shell from the factory than have to remove street-going equipment just to do the same. For those customers, Chevrolet Performance offers the Camaro Body-in-White Kit, giving racers a great platform to build a great car for whatever purpose they desire, whether it’s on the strip or at the circuit.

“This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to build a race-ready new Camaro,” says Chevrolet Performance. “We envision racers using these bodies for all types of competition, from Pro Street and Competition drag racing to road racing.”

The kit includes an assembled body structure of front fenders, hood, roof, doors, rear quarters, and trunk lid, and includes the floorpans and chassis rails. It comes either painted or e-coated and has no Vehicle Identification Number, so it can be used only for racing applications.

For any racing application, there’s no better starting point, and the kit offers teams time- and money-saving opportunities by allowing them to build the perfect racecar from the get-go. And with the extensive Chevrolet Performance catalog to support the kit, there’s no better place to pick up the components to bolt on. To order, contact your authorized Chevy Performance Dealer.



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