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While we’ve built what we think is one of the best sport coupes on the road, the Camaro, we know there are many out there who want to use that strong platform to build their perfect car. Some want to improve upon it, build it to their own specifications from the get-go, or push it to the absolute limit in the most rigorous of settings. Chevrolet Performance champions these people, and gives them everything they need to do just that. With the COPO Camaro, Camaro-Specific Performance Parts, and the Body-in-White Kit, the power is yours to make the Camaro legacy your own.


COPO Camaro: Custom Camaro

COPO Camaro

You’re serious about drag racing. And the COPO is just as serious as you are. COPO was designed specifically for NHRA Stock Eliminator drag racing, so you can be sure that everything the class requires is already there. It can be taken from the production line to the drag strip without anything stopping it. And when the tree goes green, it will keep on going. The COPO was never designed for everyday roads, so there’s little sound deadening, no underbody sealant, and no backseat. And with only 69 being built each year, the attention to detail is impeccable. Because in a sport where shaving time is everything, there’s nothing better than a head start.



Camaro-Specific Parts

Chevrolet Performance offers Camaro owners multiple levels of performance parts to choose from. Access factory-built components pulled straight from many of the most desirable, high-performance Camaro models, including the 1LE, ZL1, legendary Z/28, and all-new Gen-6 Camaro. So if you only trust your Camaro with parts designed specifically for it, look no further.


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