The ultimate compliment to the ultimate Corvette

Every Corvette is designed to offer track-capable performance, but that capability increases with the Z51 Performance Package offered on the 2014+ Stingray, and it is taken to its zenith with the Corvette Z06 – a true American supercar. Chevrolet Performance is proud to offer a new line of performance parts and accessories for 2014+ Corvette models based on the incomparable, uncompromising Z06.

From brakes and cooling aids to downforce-enhancing aero panels and lightweight components, these parts are designed to give Stingray owners a competitive edge on the track, while enhancing durability and longevity. Many of these are actual production parts used on the Corvette Z06, and all have been track tested, so you have nothing to lose except seconds off your lap times.

Z51 Brake Upgrade System


Upgrade the brakes on your 2014+ Corvette Stingray to the greater capability of the Z51 package. The Z51 Brake Kit features 4-piston front calipers and slotted rotors with diameters measuring 345mm in front and 338mm in rear. This increases the overall diameter in relation to your “standard” Corvette Stingray’s 321mm front rotors and increases the brake torque up to 57% on average. This kit also features high-performance pads, which provide greater resistance to brake fade at track condition rotor temperatures over 500 degrees C. Coupled with the Z51 Brake Cooling Kit, this system will match the braking performance of the Z51 brake system.

PART NO. 23386143
MSRP $2,495

Corvette Z06/Z51 Front Brake Ducts Kit


The available Z06/Z51 Front Brake Duct Cooling Kit for base model vehicles includes brake ducts and deflectors that transport air from the front grille through the wheel wells to effectively cool the front brakes and expel heat. This increases airflow by 16% (based of CFD analysis) to increase stopping performance by reducing temperature and brake fade. NOTE: Brake ducts performance is optimized when used with Front Corvette Z06 Grille System.

PART NO. 23383592
MSRP $275

Front & Rear Brake Upgrade System in Red


The Z06 Standard Brake Upgrade Kit for Z51 vehicles features two-piece iron slotted rotors, measuring 370mm x 34mm in the front and 365mm x 26mm in the rear with aluminum mono-block six-piston and four-piston fixed calipers, respectively. The front calipers feature vented pistons for improved pad and brake fluid cooling, including pads 39% larger than those found on the stock Z51 vehicle. These calipers offer differentiated piston diameters of 30, 34, and 38mm (leading to trailing) to ensure even pad pressure for improved pad wear. NOTE: These brakes will not fit under stock base or Z51 wheels. Requires a minimum 4mm wheel clearance between the outboard face of the caliper and the inner wheel spoke.

PART NO. 23386114 / Front
MSRP $2,700

PART NO. 23386145 / Rear (SHOWN)
MSRP $2,195

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