Upgrades to enhance capability on the street or track

The Gen 5 Camaro offers great performance capability, with special models including the 1LE, ZL1 and Z/28 earning the label of “legendary.” Chevrolet Performance has worked to make the most-popular performance parts from the hottest models available to all Camaro enthusiasts, giving Camaro V-6 and SS owners the tools to build strong pulling, harder-cornering and quicker-stopping performance on the street or track. From the comprehensive Z/28 suspension kit to the ZL1 driveline package and brakes – along with shifters, cylinder heads, fuel system upgrades and even aerodynamic aids – we’ve got the components you need to transform your performance-hungry Gen 5 Camaro. Better still, all of Chevrolet Performance’s Gen 5 Camaro components are the factory-engineered and validated components used on the production models, so you know they’ll fit, perform and hold up with the confidence you can’t get with other aftermarket parts. Check out our extensive and unmatched collection and take your Camaro’s capability to the next level!

Camaro ZL1 Brembo® Front Brake Kit


Upgrade the front brakes on your 2010-and-later Camaro SS or V-6 model with the larger brakes from the supercharged Camaro ZL1 — including race-proven, two-piece, 14.6-inch front rotors and six-piston Brembo® aluminum calipers with the ZL1 logo. That makes these a significant upgrade from the 12.6-inch rotors/single-piston calipers on V-6 models and 14-inch rotors/four-piston calipers on SS models. The ZL1 two-piece rotors offer greater resistance to warping, excellent fade resistance, and potentially longer rotor life, as well as reduced weight. The kit includes two rotors, two calipers, and mounting hardware.

PART NO. 22959672
MSRP $4,150

Camaro ZL1 Brembo® Rear Brake Kit


Complement the ZL1 front brake upgrade on your 2010-and-later Camaro V-6 or add ZL1 style to your Camaro SS. The kit includes 14.4-inch rotors and four-piston aluminum rear calipers in red with the ZL1 logo. This provides much more surface area than the 12.4-inch rotors and single-piston calipers the factory Camaro V-6 models come with. Camaro SS models feature the same 14.4-inch rotors and similar four-piston aluminum calipers, but without the ZL1 logo. Kitincludes two rotors, two calipers, and mounting hardware. NOTE: Requires 20-inch wheels for caliper clearance.

PART NO. 23104466
MSRP $2,500

Camaro SS Brake kit


Want to upgrade your V-6 Camaro’s stopping power, but don’t need everything the ZL1 kit offers? With this kit you can upgrade your V-6 Camaro’s brakes to the SS’s 14-inch rotors with four-piston Brembo® brake calipers.

PART NO. 23120542
MSRP $5,600

Z/28 Brake Ducts


Brake ducts decrease “brake fade,” increase brake component life, create secondary cooling of brake fluid, and sustain brake pedal feel for longer periods of time. This is completed by a supply of constant fresh air to the back of rotor area. This air supply improves convection of the brake rotor vanes, reducing heat build up compared with conventional airflow, thus increasing brake performance. Fits 2014-2015 SS- and 1LE-equipped Camaros.

PART NO. 23252398
MSRP $275

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