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Hands-Free Start – Quick Start

Available Hands-Free Start lets you start your vehicle without having to use a key or press a button.

Starting the vehicle

Method 1:

1. Press the brake pedal.

Method 2 (works if the key fob hasn’t been left in the vehicle after the last drive cycle):

1. Unlock the vehicle.

2. Enter the vehicle with your key fob.

3. Close the driver door.

Shutting off the vehicle

Method 1:

1. Shift back into PARK once you are at your destination.

‒ One shift out of and back into PARK per drive cycle is needed for the vehicle to turn off when the driver exits

2. Completing all these actions (in any order) will prompt your vehicle to turn off:

‒ Taking your foot off the brake

‒ Unbuckling your seat belt

‒ Opening the driver door

Method 2:

1. Tap the virtual Off button in the center display.


Note: The vehicle will enter Retained Accessory Power mode for approximately 10 minutes or until the driver door is opened to complete the shut-off.

Using Keep Vehicle On

Here’s how to keep your vehicle running during brief situations when you need to exit the vehicle:

1. Tap the Keep Vehicle On icon (an image of a car in front of a clock) in your center display. This icon is only visible and available when the vehicle is in PARK.

‒ Intended use requires the driver to stay close enough to monitor activity around the vehicle

2. You’ll see a pop-up on the screen showing how long your vehicle will remain on.

‒ The pop-up will remind you to make sure you have enough charge for that approximate amount of time

3. To exit Keep Vehicle On mode earlier, you can:

‒ Use the virtual Off icon in the center display to shut off the vehicle

‒ Shift into DRIVE

4. Tap the Keep Vehicle On icon again to restart the time, if desired.

Note: Vehicles equipped with Hands-Free Start will turn off automatically 60 minutes after the last detected brake pedal press, seat belt use or transmission shift.

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