Chevrolet Blazer

Chevy Blazer is a sport utility vehicle with a heritage that goes back to 1969. The original Blazer was a full-size four-wheel-drive SUV based on a full-size Chevy pickup truck. With a tough truck chassis and available V8 power, Blazer was known for its go-anywhere rugged capabilities. Blazer received a handsome restyling in 1973 and again in 1992. The full-size Blazer evolved into the popular Tahoe SUV in 1994.

The compact S-10 Blazer was introduced in 1983 and remained in production through the 2004 model year. Initially available as a two-door model only, a four-door version joined the S-10 Blazer line in 1991. A more aerodynamically styled S-10 Blazer arrived in 1995.

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Although the Chevrolet Blazer is no longer in production, used Blazer models are readily available. You may want to check local dealer inventory in your area at

Looking to Sell a Blazer?

If you are looking to sell a Chevrolet Blazer, websites such as Kelley Blue Book's and can provide a guide to Blazer selling prices in your area.

Chevy Blazer SUV

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