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Get to know the lineup

Set apart from other performance vehicles by its name alone, Corvette delivers rebellious spirit – and a legacy of absolute craft – with every inch and angle of its makeup. From the Stingray to the upcoming ZR1, these unique and unparalleled models represent Chevrolet and its dedication to bringing ingenuity to you.

The wait for the ZR1 reveal is almost over:

Introducing the new

Pre-production model shown. Actual production model may vary. Model year 2025 Corvette ZR1 available 2025. Available features shown.

“Corvette sets the bar for performance cars.”

— Chris Barber
Lead Development Engineer for Corvette ZR1

Explore each model

See what sets Stingray, E-Ray and Z06 apart. Plus, each model is available as a classic coupe with removable roof panel or a convertible with a fully retractable hardtop.

Starting at $68,300

Stingray: Performance socialite

The performance you want and functionality you need. This sports car offers the perfect combination of performance driving, sculpted design and cargo capacity.


Max avail. horsepower

2.9 Seconds

Avail. 0 to 60 time

11.2 Seconds


Starting at $104,900

E-Ray: All season, all-wheel drive

The first-ever AWD Corvette has an electrified front axle and all-season performance capabilities. This is the quickest production Corvette ever, with a 0 to 60 time of 2.5 seconds.


Combined horsepower

2.5 Seconds

Avail. 0 to 60 time

10.5 Seconds


Starting at $112,700

Z06: Track born, street ready

Z06 is the most powerful naturally aspirated Corvette, thanks to the LT6 5.5L V8 engine with flat-plane crankshaft. Harnessing the racing technologies that conquered Le Mans, Sebring and Daytona, this champion is ready to dominate the streets.


Max avail. horsepower

2.6 Seconds

Avail. 0 to 60 time

10.6 Seconds


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Frequently asked questions

What are the different Corvette models?

Current models include Stingray, E-Ray and Z06. ZR1 will be coming in 2025.

How many Corvette models are there?

There are currently three Corvette models — Stingray, E-Ray and Z06. Each model offers three trim levels and a coupe or convertible option. The ZR1 model will be coming soon.

What are the differences between each Corvette?

Each Corvette has a personality of its own. Stingray adds excitement to your social outings with exhilarating performance and stunning design. E-Ray is the first AWD Corvette, and it offers all-season driving capability. Z06 is made for the track, and is versatile enough to drive on the street. ZR1 is coming in 2025.

How much is a Corvette?

Corvette prices differ by model and features. Stingray starts at $68,300. E-Ray starts at $104,900. Z06 starts at $112,700.

What is a Corvette?

Corvette is an American sports car manufactured by General Motors under the Chevrolet brand since 1953. Corvette has evolved through many generations, but remains known for its performance, distinctive styling, and confident presence on and off the track.