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  • Control your Chevy even when you’re not driving it
    Get closer than ever to your Chevy with OnStar™ RemoteLink. Available for iPhone and Android smartphones, iPad and in Blackberry App World, you can send driving directions seamlessly from either device to the in-dash navigation display. Control locks, charging schedules and lights while keeping up to date with vehicle information and details. Connect to OnStar® assistance, at the moment when you need it. With OnStar™ RemoteLink you're always connected and in control of your Chevy.


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Access to vehicle features and services when you need it

RemoteLink Key Fob Services are a component of the OnStar RemoteLinkTM2 app that gives you                       
access to features such as remote start as well as locking and unlocking—even when miles away                                
from your vehicle.  This is included for five years after purchase of your 2014 Chevrolet vehicle, with                                 
or without a paid OnStar®  subscription. With Remote Link Key Fob Services, you can unlock your                      
automatic door locks remotely if your keys are locked inside or in case of an emergency. With factory                            
installed and enabled remote start, you can also remotely start or turn off your car, which is helpful for                          
cooling or heating the inside of your vehicle, and activate your vehicle’s horns and lights to help                                    
locate it in a crowded parking lot.

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See OnStar™ RemoteLink in use

And learn how to get the most from the app

Watch an installation tutorial so that you can easily download OnStar™ RemoteLink onto your mobile device. Flip to the next video and lean how OnStar™ RemoteLink works together with your Chevy to give you unparalleled control of your vehicle, from everywhere.


Find the right route, on time

Share directions from your mobile to your vehicle

With OnStar™ RemoteLink search for directions on your smartphone and send them to OnStar® Turn-by-Turn or your vehicle’s in-dash navigation display. The directions will be downloaded to your vehicle and available when you start the engine, so all you have to do is drive.


Get real-time vehicle info

Available to you anytime

With the OnStar™ RemoteLink app, view real-time fuel information, including fuel range, gallons of gas remaining and your lifetime MPG. Anywhere you get mobile connections, you can verify your remaining oil life, view your current tire pressure and access account information. Volt owners can also check the battery’s state of charge, electric range, electric miles and eMPG.



Destination Freight Charges

To allow you to do an accurate price comparison with prices featured on other Internet sites, GM provides Internet pricing both with and without the Destination Freight Charge (see prices including Destination Freight Charge below). To get full pricing details, go to our Build Your Own section.