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The people’s champ

From cruisers to pickups, factory-engineered power can make every hot rod a winner.


Whether you’re building a simple street engine or a drag-racing engine, starting with a strong LS cylinder block assures thrilling performance.   

LSX Bowtie Block

Combining professional racing-level strength and entry-level affordability, the LSX Bowtie Block is our latest evolution in high-performance engine building.

LSX Bowtie Block Specs and Features

  • CNC-machined cast-iron block
  • True priority main oiling
  • 6-head bolts per cylinder
  • Standard 4.400" bore spacing
  • Extra-thick siamese cylinder bores
  • Semi-finished, machined thicker decks
  • LS7-style, 6-bolt dowel-located billet main bearing caps
  • Wet-sump and dry-sump oiling capability
  • Production-style deep-skirt head bolt holes
  • Production bolt hole and thread sizes
  • Maintains production exterior accessory mounting provisions
  • Front motor plate mounting holes added
  • Additional material cast around cam bearings for greater strength
  • 8 mm exterior/interior fifth- and sixth-head bolt holes
  • Standard 0.842" lifter bores
  • Accommodates all LS oil pumps and oil pans
  • External oil pump feed (rear of block)
  • Main web bay-to-bay breathing holes to support greater horsepower
  • Includes unique cam retainer, rear cover, and lifter retainers

New LSX Bowtie Block Features

  • Front oil feed holes can be plugged/restricted for mechanical flat tappet or mechanical roller lifter applications
  • Can be machined safely to 9.200" deck height
  • Maximum 4.200" bore at .200" minimum wall thickness (naturally aspirated applications)
  • Head bolt holes can be machined for 1/2" studs
  • Cam bores can be machined to accept 60mm roller bearings
  • Can be machined for larger diameter lifters and/or 1.060" bronze bushings
  • Front oil feed lines can be plugged and external oil pump and/or aftermarket dry sump systems can be used via oil pump feed at rear of block – may be required with certain large stroke/aluminum rod combinations
  • Belt cam drive systems can be accommodated – some machining will be required
  • Front motor plate can be used for racing chassis applications (sprint car, drag racing, truck pulling, etc.).
  • Threaded water plugs can be used for external heaters or coolers
  • Extra stock for main bearing align-honed
  • 400 mPa tensile strength iron


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