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Reign supreme

When torque is king, choose factor-engineered Big-Block power from Chevrolet Performance.


The classic Big-Block production engine was introduced in 1965. Cylinder-block casting combines traditional Big-Block heritage and modern production techniques for 21st-century performance.


Born from a full line of high-quality, precision-machined components based on performance-proven GM designs, a Bowtie Sportsman block packs big power and long-lasting reliability ideal for drag racers and street machines.

Bowtie Sportsman Block Technical Notes

  • Available in short-deck (9.800”) or tall-deck (10.200”) configurations
  • Blocks have clearance for 4,500” tolerance
  • CNC-machined to +/- .005” tolerance
  • Siamese cylinder bores
  • Bore finishers are ready to bore to size
  • Machined for mechanical fuel pump
  • Machined for hydraulic roller and flat tappets
  • Nodular iron 4-bolt main caps splayed 16-degrees on the three center mains
  • Priority main oiling system
  • Blocks with a 1-piece Rear Main Seal use the 6-bolt, Gen VI-style front cover (P/N 10230954) and Gen VI-style oil pan
  • Blocks with a 2-piece Rear Main Seal use the 10-bolt, Mark IV-style front cover and Mark IV-style oil pan


Built from premium materials and precision machined to blueprinted specifications, this fabled aluminum 427-cubic-inch Big-Block lets mere mortals experience the raw horsepower and tremendous torque of the ZL1. 

ZL1 Aluminum Block Technical Notes

  • 356- T6M Aluminum block
  • Standard deck height (9.800")
  • 4.300" maximum bore
  • 4.240" finished bore
  • 4.375" maximum stroke
  • Siamese cylinder walls
  • Centrifugally spun cast-iron cylinder sleeves
  • Steel 4-bolt main caps splayed 16° on the three center mains (dowel located)
  • Provision for hydraulic roller camshafts
  • AN O-ring oil and water plugs
  • Tested to 650 horsepower


With thick deck surfaces and splayed 4-bolt steel bearing caps, a cast-iron Bowtie Race Block is the starting point for drag racers looking for custom-machined performance.

Cast-Iron Bowtie Race Block Technical Notes

  • Precision CNC-machining means +/- 0.005" tolerances
  • Blocks are available in short deck (9.800") or tall deck (10.200")
  • A sonic bore check data sheet is provided with each block
  • Siamese cylinder bores
  • Improved cooling around number-1 cylinder
  • Accepts Mark IV or Gen V, VI cylinder heads
  • Use Gen V head gaskets with Mark IV and Gen V cylinder heads
  • Use Gen VI head gaskets with Gen VI cylinder heads
  • Requires Mark IV design 2-piece rear main seal oil pans
  • Requires Mark IV design crankshafts
  • Can use Mark IV and Gen V, VI camshafts, timing sets, lifters and timing cover (aftermarket belt-drive timing covers may require clearancing)
  • Blind-tapped head bolt holes; extra inner head bolt bosses provided
  • 4-bolt SAE 8620 main caps splayed 16° on the three center mains
  • Priority main oiling wet-sump system
  • Provisions for dry-sump oil line provided
  • Honed camshaft and crankshaft bores
  • 0.842" lifter bores (maximum 1.06") may be relocated
  • Distributor gear clearance at bottom of number-8 cylinder bore should be checked
  • Machined mechanical fuel pump pad


Specifically designed with 500-cubic-inch Pro Stock engines in mind, the DRCE (Drag Racing Competition Engine) family of Big-Blocks is the foundation of many Pro Stock drag-racing engines.

DRCE Block Technical Notes

  • CNC-machined to +/- 0.005" tolerance
  • Siamese cylinder bores with 4.900" spacing
  • No lifter bosses, solid bar can be drilled as required
  • No head-bolt holes
  • Numbers two and four main bearing bulkheads moved 0.060"
  • Bellhousing bolt pattern accommodates Chevy and Pontiac/Olds transmissions
  • Uses Big-Block Chevrolet crank, camshaft, balancer, flywheel and water pump
  • Requires camshaft with distributor gear behind rear bearing
  • Priority main oiling dry-sump system
  • Dual starter mounting locations
  • Front-engine mounts only
  • Each block is supplied with sonic test data sheet



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