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Crankshaft, Cast-Iron

  • Nodular cast-iron with 3.480" stroke and 2.100"-diameter rod journals
  • One-piece rear main seal crankshaft for 300- and 330-horsepower engines

NOTE: This crank does not have a pilot bearing.


Hydraulic Roller Lifter Kit (designed for 1986-and-later engines)

  • Second-design lifters are used in late model 350 HO engines and use a higher checkball spring preload
  • Includes 16 lifters of P/N 17120735, 8 valve lifter guides, 1 valve lifter guide retainer, 4 retainer bolts, and 4 retainer washers
  • This lifter kit plus pushrod kit P/N 12371041 and a roller-lifter engine
  • For single lifter usage, use P/N 17120735


Valve Lifter Guide – “Quick Cam”

  • For use on Gen | GM Small-Blocks (block must be drilled and tapped)
  • For use with hydraulic roller lifters only
  • Makes it possible to remove the camshaft without removing the intake and lifters
  • Enough friction in the guide to hold the lifters in place if the rocker arms are backed off and the camshaft is rotated two full revolutions to push up the lifters.

NOTE:  Package services one lifter bank.


Hydraulic Lifter Kit (Set of 16)

  • Used on 1986-and-older Gen I and Gen II-style engines
  • Kit includes 16 hydraulic flat tappet lifters of P/N 523720 and is designed for use with standard-length pushrod kit or 100” kit
  • Use P/N 5232720 for single lifter pieces


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