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Published 12/20/23

Wallpaper Wednesday: A Truck Called ‘Ruckus’



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Mike Maciejack’s 1987 Chevrolet R10 is a fixture at a variety of well-known autocross events. The mean-looking black pickup utilizes a Thompson Motorsports 434 cu.-in. engine built on a Chevrolet Performance LSX block.

The power plant helps the lightweight, carbon-fiber wide-body truck, fittingly named ”Ruckus,” scream around the track.

“It’s snappy,” Maciejack said during the C10 Nationals at Texas Motor Speedway near Fort Worth in May.

Maciejack, who owns Texas-based No Sin Customs, scooped up an LSX block as soon as one became available. His engine is stroked and bored, and he estimates it makes over 700 horsepower on pump gas. That number increases to 900 horsepower on race fuel.

Maciejack is also a diehard Bowtie fan.

“I’ve always been a Chevy guy, I own 10 Chevy trucks,” he said.

Ruckus is among the coolest and most photogenic in the stable. Today, a shot of the R10 in the Texas Motor Speedway infield is our Wallpaper Wednesday download. High-resolution desktop and mobile images are below.

The truck even looks fast standing still.



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