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Your car becomes the ultimate MOBILE hotspot with 4g lte Connectivity


This year at the International CES Show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet made an announcement that will change the way you think about in-vehicle technology and how it improves your overall driving experience. Coming this Summer, built-in OnStar® with 4G LTE will be available on nearly every vehicle in the Chevrolet 2015 lineup, from Spark to Corvette to the all-new Silverado. When equipped with 4G LTE your car becomes the ultimate mobile hub, with excellent signal quality and bandwidth for up to seven devices. This ingenuity puts Chevrolet ahead of the pack with more vehicles than any other automotive brand to feature that level of in-vehicle connectivity.

This simple new 4G LTE technology is built directly into your vehicle, turning it into a true Wi-Fi hotspot. The powerful signal gives you and your passengers the ability to seamlessly connect smart devices to the Internet — anytime, anywhere. It’s the easiest way to access data on the go and continuously improve your experience on the road. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the benefits OnStar® has offered in the past, such as Automatic Crash Response, Stolen Vehicle Assistance and Roadside Assistance. With this kind of innovative connectivity, you can expect a driving experience unlike any other.

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  • When equipped, your car becomes the ultimate mobile hub, with bandwidth for up to seven devices.
  • The powerful 4G LTE signal lets you seamlessly connect smart devices to the web — anytime, anywhere.
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Chevrolet ingenuity continues with the all-new industry-exclusive Performance Data Recorder, available on all 2015 Corvette models. This seamlessly integrated technology lets you capture video, audio and real-time performance data from your driving experiences on and off the track. Watch the video — complete with data overlays — on the vehicle’s 8-inch color touch-screen (when the car is parked), or download to a computer for further editing and sharing via social media. You can even analyze your driving technique using the included GM Toolbox driving analysis software.




  • 1 18 Visit onstar.com for vehicle availability, details and system limitations. Based on U.S. segmentation data and competitive offerings.
  • 2 16 OnStar with 4G LTE will be available on select Chevrolet vehicles beginning in 2014 with the U.S. and Canada. Service will require a paid data plan provided through a partnership with AT&T.