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Combined with the power of 4G LTE, OnStar is taking vehicle connectivity to a whole new level with Angry Birds, Skype and Netflix coming standard in a Chevrolet Volt research vehicle.

The conceptual in-car infortainment system, developed by OnStar in partnership with Verizon, gives customers access to the Cloud through the Verizon 4G LTE network and provides users direct access to streaming content from their home computer or via a popular streaming service.


The research vehicle has three different content ‘zones’; the driver can stream music, while rear passengers can control their entertainment from screens mounted on the headrests. With everyone in their ‘zone’ passengers can create the ride they are looking for, or share content with other passengers. It doesn’t come more custom, or cool than that.

Additionally, OnStar built on its work with Smart Grid technology to create an at home control system. Now, from the 4G LTE Volt, you can control your home thermostat, lights, garage door and other systems through the in-vehicle energy management app.

While the applications shown in the Volt research vehicle are only conceptual, they demonstrate future opportunities powered by OnStar.

“These applications are just a glimpse of what is possible when you combine the cloud computing capabilities of OnStar and the power of the Verizon 4G LTE network,” said Nick Pudar, OnStar’s vice president of business development. “Moving forward we want to continue to provide our customers with a comprehensive suite of connected services and create a seamless and safe in-vehicle experience.”

Already today, OnStar® RemoteLink™  mobile application gives owners of a Volt or other Chevy vehicles the opportunity to access remote vehicle information and services from their phone. You can start your vehicle remotely, control the door locks, check the diagnostics and more from nearly anywhere– a totally connected world that puts you in control.

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