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Customer Terms and Conditions

This "Promotion" is available to you as part of your purchase or lease of a new MY2022/MY2023 Bolt EV or MY2022/MY2023 Bolt EUV from a participating Chevrolet dealer. Subject to the definitions, qualifications, limitations and requirements set forth in these "Terms and Conditions", you may qualify to receive a home charging outlet installed at no additional cost to you, or an alternative charging promotion of your choice.


Throughout these Terms and Conditions, You and Your or Customer refer to the purchaser or lessee of an Eligible Vehicle as identified on the dealership purchase order documentation. GM, We, Us, and Our refer to General Motors, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. In addition, certain words and phrases are defined as follows:

Promotion Term: Offer available to eligible customers who purchase or lease a 2022 Bolt EV/2023 Bolt EV or 2022 Bolt EUV/2023 Bolt EUV, unless otherwise ended by GM.

Delivery Date means the date your Eligible Vehicle is reported as delivered by your Participating Dealer.

Eligible Vehicle means a new MY2022/MY2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV or a MY2022/MY2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV that is purchased or leased from a Participating Dealership located in the United States.

EV Install Form refers to the questionnaire the Customer is required to submit to initiate a match with a Qmerit electrician. The customer information on the EV Install Form must match the personal information of the Eligible Vehicle purchase on the purchase order.

Installation means the installation of a Home Charging Outlet at your primary residence that meets the installation requirements stated in these Terms and Conditions.

Installer refers to a suitably skilled, qualified, insured, and licensed electrical contractor selected by Qmerit.

Home Charging Outlet means a 240-volt outlet (NEMA 14--50 outlet and new 40-amp breaker in existing panel).

Participating Dealership, Participating Dealer or Dealer means a motor vehicle dealership located in the United States that is authorized in writing by GM to advertise and sell new Chevrolet electric vehicles.

Qmerit means Qmerit Electrification, LLC a limited liability company organized under the laws of Delaware, the organization that is responsible for matching Customers with Installers who will complete the Installations.


Each eligible Customer will have the option to choose from the following offers: 1) a Standard Installation, 2) an Installation Credit, or 3) EVgo Credits. Once you have purchased an Eligible Vehicle and your Participating Dealer reports your vehicle as delivered, your Dealer will register you for the Promotion and for the offer of your choice by submitting the information on your purchase order (name (first/last), home address, email, and phone number) to GM.  Your choice must be made within seven (7) days of your Vehicle Delivery Date. GM will send you an email invitation to complete an EV Install Form. The personal information on the EV Install Form must match the information provided to your Dealer and stated on your purchase order. Please review all terms on the EV Install Form before submission. If you are pursuing the Standard Installation offer, provide all requested information including description of your garage, electrical panel specifications and location, desired plug location, confirm receipt of HOA, landlord, or other third-party approvals, and submit photos of your garage layout, electrical panel, and charging location. Uploading inappropriate, obscene, or offensive photos is strictly prohibited; GM has the sole and exclusive discretion to disqualify any Customer from this Promotion in the event such photos are uploaded. The Customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary HOA, landlord, and other third-party approvals prior to submitting the EV Install Form. By submitting the EV Install Form, you consent to GM sharing the personal information you provide GM in the EV Install Form, including but not limited to uploaded pictures, contact information and other personal information with Qmerit for the purposes set forth in this Promotion. The personal information shared with Qmerit will be handled in accordance with Qmerit Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

The EV Install Form will assist in determining if your residence meets the Standard Installation requirements for the Home Charging Outlet. For those Customers desiring a Standard Installation or Installation Credit, Qmerit will find and select a local, suitably skilled, qualified, insured, and licensed Installer to complete the installation. Once Qmerit has selected your Installer, Qmerit will provide their business name address, phone number, and email address to you and will provide the Installer with your name, address, phone number, and email address. Your Installer will reach out via phone to review the details submitted in the EV Install Form and confirm if the data submitted meets the qualifications for the Standard Installation or Installation Credit offers. You will then receive an email from Qmerit asking you to confirm that the Installer can perform the necessary work. Each Installer will secure all necessary permitting, in accordance with local applicable law, on your behalf. Once all required permits are secured, the Installer will schedule your Installation. Once Installation is complete, the Installer will submit confirmation to Qmerit. If the Customer receives the Installation and proceeds to cancel its order for an Eligible Vehicle before the Vehicle is delivered to the Customer, the Customer will be responsible for reimbursing GM the total amount of credit paid on the Customer’s behalf, up to $1,500.00, direct to GM, upon GM’s request.

Installation must be completed within 180 days of your Eligible Vehicle Delivery Date.

Standard Installation Components:

For each Standard Installation that complies with the Standard Installation Requirements listed below ("Standard Installation"), each Installer will complete the following for each eligible Customer: 

  • Provide and install NEMA 14-50 outlet
  • Provide and install new 40-amp breaker in panel
  • Provide and install code-compliant electrical wiring, protective tubing, and weatherproofing as required
  • Use #6-gauge wire
  • Create, submit, and pay for permit documentation and fees
  • Perform main panel load calculation

Neither a charging unit nor compatible charging cord are included as part of the Standard Installation.

Standard Installation Requirements:

In order to qualify to receive Standard Installation of a Home Charging Outlet, the following requirements must be met:

  • Installation must be located at the primary residence of the Customer as reported on the Customer's vehicle purchase order
  • Installation is limited to single family homes, duplex, condo, or townhome - provided Customer has a dedicated meter
  • Final location of new receptacle must be attached to the same structure as the main electrical panel is located (interior or exterior)
  • Customer is required to obtain HOA, landlord or any required third-party approval prior to submission of EV Install Form and Installation
  • All work to be done with applicable permits to appropriate code standards
  • Installer must be able to obtain all required permits prior to commencement of proposed installation
  • The existing electrical service must have enough ampacity for the new charging load
  • The electrical panel must have 40 amps of spare ampacity according to the load calculation for the new breaker
  • Work site must be made accessible to Installer
  • Wiring runs must be externally mounted and visible to Installer
  • There must be clear access for Installation
  • There can be no asbestos or lead paint in the home and at risk of disturbance
  • Installer must be part of the Qmerit certified network, and chosen by Qmerit to complete Installation


Any Customer may elect to receive one of following alternative offers, whether or not they qualify for the Standard Installation offer:

  1. Installation Credit Offer: GM will provide up to a $250.00 credit toward a Customer's permitting and up to a $1,000.00 credit to be applied towards an Installation completed by a Qmerit Installer for Customers who do not meet the Standard Installation Requirements or choose the Installation Credit Offer. In such a case, the Qmerit Installer shall complete the Installation and the Customer will be responsible to pay the Installer directly for all costs for the necessary permits that exceed $250.00 and for all Installation costs that exceed $1,000.00. This credit can be used towards Installation of a customer-supplied charging station or outlet.
  2. EVgo Credit Offer: GM will provide the Customer with an EVgo credit of $500.00 to be used toward public charging through an EVgo authorization code emailed to the Customer. The EVgo authorization code must be redeemed at within six (6) months of Eligible Vehicle Delivery Date. EVgo credits must be used within three (3) years from the date the authorization code was redeemed.


In General:  Any unforeseen additional repairs and/or costs arising from inspections and/or Installation not directly related to Standard Installation or those amounts that exceed the Installation Credit Offer will be the sole responsibility of the Customer, who is solely responsible to pay all such amounts directly to the Installer. Wiring runs within walls (finished or unfinished) will incur extra costs and are not included in this Promotion. Standard Installation only includes the cost of a Home Charging Outlet. Installation of charging stations are not included in Standard Installation. Installation does not cover obsolete breakers (including but not limited to Zinsco, Federal Pacific & Bulldog Pushmatic.) If garage structure is not attached to residence, any required trenching will incur extra costs and are not included in this Promotion. All costs associated with installation that are not included in this Promotion are the sole responsibility of the Customer.  Any upgrade costs beyond the Installation will be negotiated between the Customer and Installer, and will be the sole responsibility of the Customer. Any additional costs will be provided in a written estimate by Installer to Customer prior to work beginning. Any unforeseen additional repairs and/or costs arising from inspections not directly related to Installation will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

In addition to the foregoing costs, for 1) Standard Installation, all costs associated with a successful Installation that meets the Standard Installation Requirements, including but not limited to all costs associated with obtaining the appropriate permitting, will be paid for by GM and/or Qmerit; and 2) Installation Credit Offer: The Customer is solely responsible for all costs associated with Installation that exceed $1,000.00, and all costs associated with permitting that exceed $250.00; both to be paid directly to Installer.

AGREEMENT TO THE OFFICIAL RULES: By completing and submitting the EV Install Form, each Customer fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions as the official rules of the Promotion and further agrees the decisions of GM regarding this Promotion are final and binding in all matters related to the Promotion. These Terms and Conditions, constitute an agreement (this "Agreement") between GM and the Customer, and is the entire agreement between the parties concerning its subject matter, supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether or not written, and is not intended to confer upon any person other than the parties, including any creditors, any rights, or remedies hereunder.

GENERAL CONDITIONS / RELEASE:  Each Customer, by participating in this Promotion, agrees (a) to release, indemnify and hold harmless GM, its affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies and their respective past and present directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents from and for any liability for any injuries, losses or damages of any kind, to persons or property (including without limitation death; claims based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy; and any claims based on a violation of a third party's intellectual property rights), resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from your participation in this Promotion, Installation, or in any related activity or your acceptance, possession, use, misuse or nonuse of a Home Charging Outlet. GM is not responsible in any way for Installer actions, recommendations, or any resulting damage caused by or attributable to your Installer. GM's failure to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision. In the event of any cancellation, termination or suspension, notice thereof will be posted at

DISPUTES:  In consideration for the benefits that you receive under this Promotion, you agree that any dispute relating to any aspect of your relationship with GM or any of its affiliates, including the purchase, installation and performance of your Home Charging Outlet or your vehicle, shall be fully and finally resolved by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association (the "AAA"). The rules governing the arbitration may be accessed at or by calling the AAA at +1-800-778-7879.  To the extent the initial filing fee for the arbitration exceeds the initial filing fee for a lawsuit, we will pay the difference in fees.  ANY ARBITRATION WILL BE CONDUCTED BY THE PARTIES IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL CAPACITIES ONLY AND NOT AS A CLASS ACTION OR OTHER REPRESENTATIVE ACTION, AND THE PARTIES WAIVE THEIR RIGHT TO FILE A CLASS ACTION OR SEEK RELIEF ON A CLASS BASIS.  THE PARTIES FURTHER EXPRESSLY WAIVE THE RIGHT TO SUE IN COURT AND HAVE A JURY TRIAL. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Terms and Conditions, Customer's rights and obligations, or the rights and obligations of GM in connection with the Promotion, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of State of Michigan, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules (whether of the State of Michigan or any other jurisdiction), which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of Michigan.

Misrepresentations and Fraud: Your participating in the Promotion may be cancelled by GM, in its sole discretion, if you conceal or misrepresent any material fact or circumstance, including but not limited to your personal information, Eligible Vehicle, or any information provided on the EV Install Form, or otherwise.

Non-Transferable: An eligible Customer may not assign or transfer its rights under the Promotion at any time. The rights under the Promotion are non-transferable to any subsequent purchaser or lessee, or any other person or entity to whom the Eligible Vehicle is conveyed by operation of law or otherwise, including without limitation repossession, death, or as a gift.

Tax Implications: You may be subject to federal, state or local tax on any benefits received under this Promotion. You should contact a Tax advisor/consultant if you have any questions regarding the tax implications associated with this Promotion.