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Performance potential realized

The LS376/525 crate engine from Chevrolet Performance combines technology and power to deliver legendary performance. And when it comes to building a legend, the Monte Carlo nameplate packs serious potential.

Stock, this particular Monte Carlo SS offered 180 horsepower. That was a thoroughly respectable figure for 1988, but its G-Body platform was capable of handling a lot more thrill. It’s now fit with a Chevrolet Performance Connect & Cruise crate powertrain system. That means it’s kicked horsepower to 525 with the LS376/525, power controlled by the T56 Super Magnum 6-speed transmission.

The convenience of the Connect & Cruise powertrain system also made for a smooth build. Swapping an automatic transmission for a manual, especially with stock purity in mind, can be complex. But whether a dedicated hot-rodder or a passionate DIY fan of a venerable Chevrolet classic, Connect & Cruise makes things easier by combining serious power plants, capable transmissions, electronic controllers, and all the necessary wire harnesses required to bring a dream to life.   

1988 Monte Carlo SS Image Gallery

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