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How to Use the Universal Remote System How to Use the Universal Remote System How to Use the Universal Remote System

Difficulty Level: Intermediate  |  Time Required: 10 Minutes  |  Tools Required: None  |  Related Parts, Products, Services or Technology: None

You can program a Universal Remote on your center display to replace your physical remotes. You can do this for garage door openers, security systems and other home devices.

Program a Universal Remote

The process to program a Universal Remote is time sensitive. Make sure you’re ready to complete the next step quickly. It may be helpful to have another person assist you.


The following instructions are for garage door openers, but you can follow similar steps for other compatible devices.

  1. Park outside in front of your garage. There should be a clear path between the vehicle and the garage door receiver.
  2. Have your garage door opener handheld remote with you in the vehicle. Make sure it has new batteries so the signal is strong.
  3. On your vehicle’s center display, tap the Controls App, then tap Universal Remotes. You may have to tap See More Controls to see the icon.
  4. Tap Add Remote.
  5. Select Yes if your opener came with a handheld transmitter. If not, follow the alternate steps on screen.
  6. Hold the transmitter about 1-3 in. away from your rearview mirror. Press and hold the handheld transmitter button. Don’t let go until Signal Found appears on the center display.
  7. Once the signal is found, you can test the Universal Remote System by tapping the Test button on the screen. You may need to press the Test button several times.
             a. If the garage door moves, programming was successful. Tap It Worked on the screen to complete the process.
             b. If the garage door did not move, tap It Didn’t Work and continue to step 8.
  8. On the garage door motor unit, which is usually mounted near the ceiling of your garage, press the Learn button located near the antenna wire. Return to your vehicle and press the Test button again.
             a. If the garage door moves, programming was successful. Tap It Worked on the screen to complete the process.
             b. If it’s still not working, check your Owner’s Manual for other steps you might need to take to program your remote.


If you need help programming your Universal Remote, visit the HomeLink website or call HomeLink at (800) 355-3515.

For your security, please don’t include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.


How many Universal Remotes can I program?

You can program up to eight Universal Remotes on your center display.

How do I delete a Universal Remote?

You can delete a Universal Remote by selecting the pencil icon next to the remote. Then, select Delete. It will also be deleted during a factory reset. If you repair or replace your garage door opener, you will need to reprogram your Universal Remote.

How do I program a Universal Remote if my garage door opener didn’t come with a remote?

Garage door openers that didn’t come with a remote may need special programming steps. See your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for details.

Why can’t my Universal Remote find the signal to program my garage door opener?

The signal on some garage door openers will time out after several seconds, which might not be long enough to program the Universal Remote. In this case, try pressing and releasing the handheld transmitter button every two seconds instead of pressing and holding, until the signal is found.

Can I move the Universal Remote icon on the display?

Each remote you program creates a shortcut icon that can be repositioned within the Controls App. You can do this by pressing and holding, then dragging and dropping the icon to a new spot. If presented with a Vehicle Software Update for the Universal Remote system, this may enable certain vehicles to automatically show the shortcut icon in the Smart Controls area of the main display when your vehicle returns to the location where you originally programmed the Universal Remote.

Can I change the location programmed for my Universal Remote?

Yes. You can update the location programmed for a Universal Remote. When you’re parked at the desired location, tap the pencil icon next to the remote name and then select Relearn Location. This will save the new GPS coordinates.

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