About About Rear Cross Traffic Alert

This feature, if equipped and enabled, warns you when it detects right or left cross traffic behind the vehicle when you are in Reverse. It is especially helpful when backing out of parking spaces when your view is obstructed.  

How it Works 

  1. The system uses sensors in the rear corners of your vehicle to monitor cross traffic.
  2. When you place the vehicle in Reverse, the system activates. It can detect cross traffic from up to 65 feet on either side of your vehicle.
  3. If the system detects cross traffic, it will:
  • Sound three beeps from the side of the vehicle that the traffic is coming from. Or, if equipped with the Safety Alert Seat (and the feature is enabled), you’ll get pulses on the side of the seat that the traffic is coming from.


This feature can be disabled in the vehicle’s Settings menu.    



  • Heavy rain can interfere with sensor operation
  • For best performance, clear dirt, snow or ice from the sensors. If the Rear Cross Traffic Alert sensors are not fully functional, you’ll see this message: “Side Detection System Unavailable”    

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