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AutoSense Liftgate – Quick Start

If equipped, the available AutoSense Liftgate lets you open your liftgate hands-free simply by approaching the rear of the vehicle with your key fob in your pocket or bag.  

Enabling the AutoSense Liftgate Function:

The AutoSense Liftgate will not be turned on when you first receive your vehicle from the dealer. Before performing the steps below, enable the AutoSense Liftgate using your center display. Select: Vehicle Settings > Comfort and Convenience > Hands-Free Exterior Storage Access > Open

Opening the AutoSense Liftgate:

1. Approach the rear of the liftgate from farther than 10-15 feet away (approximately 3-4 meters) with your key fob.
2. Within 4 feet (approximately 1 meter) of the liftgate, your presence will trigger the AutoSense Liftgate.
3. If you stay in that area for about three seconds, the liftgate will prepare to open with four quick beeps and quick taillamp flashes.

-    If you step out of this area in under three seconds, the liftgate opening will be canceled.

4. The liftgate will continue rising, accompanied by three slower chimes and taillamp flashes, until fully open.

To Cancel an AutoSense Liftgate Opening:

Other than stepping out of the area near the liftgate within three seconds, there are other ways to cancel a liftgate opening.

  • Press the switch on the outside of the rear liftgate once. The liftgate will not open.
  • Press the liftgate button on the key fob once. The liftgate will not open.
  • Press and hold the exterior switch for over five seconds to turn off the AutoSense Liftgate feature.
  • Press and hold the switch again to turn on the feature.

-    You can also use the customization settings in the center display to turn the AutoSense Liftgate off or on. This option is under Comfort and Convenience.

Note: You can step in and out of the area nearest the liftgate, but you can only trigger an AutoSense Liftgate opening if you return within approximately 8 seconds. If you are out of this area longer, the liftgate will not open and your key fob needs to be taken out of the approach zone for at least 20 seconds before performing a presence-based liftgate opening.


Note: if you remain in the area 10-15 feet (3-4 meters) around the sides and rear of the vehicle with your key fob present for more than two continuous minutes, the AutoSense Liftgate will not open. You’ll need to press your key fob button or other vehicle lock/unlock switch to reset the process and repeat the steps for opening the liftgate.

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