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What You Should Know About DC Fast Charging Station Power Levels

The DC Fast Charging stations you charge at may have different power levels that let you know how fast they can charge a vehicle. There is also a maximum speed at which your vehicle can charge, called its “acceptance rate.”


Your vehicle’s acceptance rate may be lower or higher than the maximum power available from the DC Fast Charging station. This acceptance rate determines how fast your vehicle can charge at the station.

DC Fast Charging Station Power Levels

  • Public DC Fast Charging stations have a power level measured in kilowatts (kW), generally ranging from 24 kW up to 350 kW.
  • Your electric vehicle has a maximum power acceptance rate also measured in kW. That number lets you know how fast your vehicle can charge at a DC Fast Charging Station.
  • For example, some vehicles may have an acceptance rate of 150 kW. If you charge a vehicle with a 150-kW acceptance rate at a DC Fast Charging Station with a 350-kW power rating, that vehicle would only charge at the 150-kW rate.
  • To figure out your vehicle’s acceptance rating, check your Owner’s Manual.
  • Many charge stations are labeled with their maximum power rating. You can also use Google Maps, or the app or website of the charging station provider to find out the station’s power rating.
  • Regardless of a DC Fast Charging Station’s maximum power rating, the station will only charge your electric vehicle at that full output for a short period of time in order to prevent damage to the battery. You can expect to see the peak charge rate for about 10 minutes, when your vehicle is between 10 to 40% state of charge and in moderate temperatures.
  • Charging your battery to 80% for daily use helps promote battery health and optimal regenerative braking performance. For longer trips, you can adjust your charge above 80% for extended range. Consumers should see their Owner’s Manual for more information.

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