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Slow Down Your Equinox EV with Regen On Demand

You can manually slow your vehicle down with the Regen On Demand paddle. This will convert some of the energy from your vehicle’s movement and send it to your vehicle’s battery.

To use Regen On Demand:

  1. To slow your vehicle with Regen On Demand, pull the paddle on the back of your steering wheel toward you and hold it.
  2. Release the paddle when you want to continue normal driving.
  3. If the vehicle is brought to a complete stop while you’re holding the paddle, the vehicle will not creep forward when you release the paddle. Use the accelerator pedal to move forward.
  4. While using Regen On Demand, you should also continue to use your brakes as needed to slow or stop the vehicle.


Important Note About Charging and Regen On Demand:


To help you maintain your vehicle’s battery, it is recommended you only charge your battery to 80% capacity for daily use. This allows space in the battery for regenerative braking, which uses the electric motor to help slow the vehicle while simultaneously charging the vehicle with free energy. For longer trips, you can adjust your charge above 80% for extended range. See your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for more information.

Note: Regen On Demand is available in all Drive Modes but can vary in feel depending on which Drive Mode is selected.


Note: If the Regen paddle is used to bring the vehicle to a stop, then the brakes will keep the vehicle stopped until the accelerator pedal is used again.

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