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How To How To How to Use Multi-Way Seat Massage Adjustment

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If equipped, Multi-Way Seat Massage Adjustment lets you control the intensity and type of massage using a manual adjustment control.

The way this feature works depends on your vehicle, as does the location of the control button that adjusts the massage function.  

How to Use Your Multi-Way Seat Massage Adjustment Controls

Your vehicle must be ON to use massage capabilities.

Some vehicles only have a simple On/Off Massage Control button. Others have buttons that control multiple seat functions as well as massage adjustments. For the front seats, these buttons may be found either on the center of the outboard side of the seats or on the door panel. For the rear outboard seats (if equipped), the button may be located on the side of the center armrest.  

To adjust the intensity and type of your massage:

  1. Locate the Massage Adjustment button. 
  2. If you only have an On/Off Massage Control button, turn it to the ON position to start your massage.
  3. If your vehicle has a multi-function Massage Adjustment control button, occupants in the front seat may see a graphic of the type and intensity of their massage displayed on the infotainment screen. 
  4. Select the massage function with the outer ring of the circular adjustment control. You will see a graphic come up on your infotainment screen. 
  5. Use the Up and Down Arrow buttons on the face of the circle to select your massage type, using your infotainment screen as a visual guide. 
  6. Use the Forward and Rearward Arrow buttons to control the intensity of the massage.

On some vehicles, the Multi-Way Seat Massage Adjustment control button may be door-mounted and the functions accessed with a center toggle switch.

To turn your massage off, choose the Massage Off selection in the Settings menu or turn your On/Off button to OFF. Your massage will turn off automatically after approximately 20 minutes.  

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