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About About Brake Pad Life Monitoring

The Brake Pad Life Monitor helps predict wear of your vehicle’s brake pads. It provides an estimate of the remaining life of the pads to help you plan when it’s time to change them.

How It Works

The Brake Pad Monitor software uses vehicle information to estimate pad wear. It uses sensors to adjust its estimates based on your driving habits, getting more accurate over time.


Brake pad life displays in the cluster. When the system determines the brake pads need to be replaced, you’ll see a message in the cluster that shows their estimated mileage remaining.


The pad life monitor must be reset when the brake pads are replaced.

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How do I reset the Brake Pad Life Monitor?

After your brake pads have been replaced, here’s how to reset the Brake Pad Life Monitor:

  • Go to the Brake Pad Life screen in your vehicle’s cluster display
  • Use the steering wheel’s thumbwheel or trip odometer reset stem to select the axle where your pads were replaced
  • Press the thumbwheel to select YES on screen, or press the trip odometer reset stem

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