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How To How To How to Use Wide Open Watts

Wide Open Watts unlocks additional horsepower and torque from your vehicle’s battery and electric drive units, enabling more aggressive power and acceleration. This feature draws more energy from the vehicle’s battery than regular driving. Repeated use of the feature can drain your battery power.


1. To turn Wide Open Watts on, open the Driver Mode Control app on your center display.

2. Then, press the Wide Open Watts icon.

3. While the feature is active, you’ll have access to more horsepower and torque, letting you accelerate more quickly than normal.

4. You can turn the feature off by pressing the Wide Open Watts icon again.

5. When you turn Wide Open Watts on, your music will pause and you’ll hear a unique sound played through the audio system. After that, your music will resume.

6. Using this feature may deplete your battery at a faster rate due to the energy it takes to provide increased horsepower and torque. If driving range is an issue on your current trip, do not use this feature.

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When should One-Pedal Driving NOT be used?

In cold weather, on a steep hill or when your battery is fully charged, One Pedal Driving will be limited. To monitor the ability of One-Pedal Driving to slow down or stop your vehicle, check the REGEN icon in your Driver Information Center. When it turns from green to gray, do not use One-Pedal Driving. If the cluster is on the “Enhanced” setting, a horizontal line will appear on the power gauge to indicate how much regenerative braking power is available.

Should I use One-Pedal Driving in slippery road conditions?

No. It is recommended you turn off One-Pedal Driving when roads are slippery due to rain or ice.

What if I prefer to use my brake pedal?

No problem. One-Pedal Driving is an optional feature.

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