About About Curb Vision or HD Curb Vision

HD Curb Vision supplements your direct vision by helping you see the vehicle’s surroundings. If equipped, available HD Curb Vision shows you an image of the area directly in front of your vehicle while in a forward gear at low speeds. This may help you park or avoid nearby objects like poles, curbs or parked vehicles.  

About HD Curb Vision

HD Curb Vision enhances your view to help protect the fascia and air dam at low speeds while parking. If equipped, the vehicle’s camera system uses two digital forward-facing cameras (one camera on each side of the front fascia) along with a rear digital camera. Together, they provide different views of the front and rear of the vehicle. Three views are shown in the centerstack:

  1. Front Top-Down View: Provides a top-down view of the scene immediately ahead of the front bumper.
  2. Curb Vision: Merges front cameras with overhead view to display area directly in front of the vehicle.
  3. Rear Camera View: Displays rear view to assist with parking and tight maneuvers.


HD Curb Vision automatically displays in the infotainment system when shifting from REVERSE to a forward gear at low speeds. You may also press the CURB VISION button above the mode selector button at speeds slower than 7 miles per hour to see the HD Curb Vision image.

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How do I know if my vehicle has this feature?

Your vehicle has this feature if there is a CURB VISION button above the mode selector control. (The location of the mode selector control varies by vehicle. You’ll find either a dial to the left of the steering wheel, a knob on the console near the armrest, or a button or bank of buttons on the instrument panel.) You also know you have this feature if a camera view of the area in front of your vehicle displays in your infotainment system when you shift from REVERSE to a forward gear at low speeds.

What might prevent HD Curb Vision from working as expected?

If the camera lens is obscured or not properly cleaned, the system might not work properly. You may wipe the lens with a soft cloth to clean it as needed. Check your Owner’s Manual for more information on cleaning the camera system and the location of the camera.

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