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How To How To How to Use Air Down Mode

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If equipped, Air Down Mode is designed to make it easier to let air out of your vehicle’s tires when certain off-road situations require it. The feature lets you set a desired target tire pressure through the Off-Road app on your infotainment system and have your vehicle alert you when the desired tire pressure is reached.

How It Works

  1. Air Down Mode lets you set a desired target tire pressure through the OFF ROAD app on your infotainment system. Then, you can manually release air from your tires and your vehicle will alert you when the desired tire pressure is reached.
  2. After you set your target tire pressure on the infotainment screen and begin to release air from a tire, Air Down Mode will activate. The feature will then begin to flash the turn signal lamp closest to the tire you’re deflating.
  3. When the tire pressure reaches the selected level, the horn will sound once and the turn signal lamp will stop flashing and briefly become solid. Having both visual and audible alerts helps ensure you get the alerts in case you’re in a noisy area and can’t hear the horn, or a bright area where it’s hard to see the flashing turn signal lamps.


Your vehicle may send you tire pressure alerts via the available myGMC or myChevrolet Mobile App, serving as a digital tire gauge. Note that app response times may vary.

Getting Started

You can use Air Down Mode when your vehicle is in PARK and the ignition is shifted to ACCESSORY, ON or Service Mode.


To get started, select the Air Down Mode widget in the Off-Road App in your infotainment system. After you select the desired tire pressure, press START on the display.

Releasing Air with Air Down Mode

  • To release air from your tire, press the center of the valve stem while the turn signal lamp is still flashing
  • When the tire reaches the selected pressure, the horn will sound once and the turn signal lamp will stop flashing and briefly become solid

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How accurate is Air Down Mode? Should I double-check with a tire gauge?

Air Down Mode is designed to be accurate to within 1 psi (7 kPa), and you can verify the tire pressure on the instrument panel. You should not need an additional check with a tire gauge.

How long does it take the turn signal to begin flashing after starting to deflate the tire?

The turn signal should begin to flash within 15 seconds of tire deflation.

What if the turn signal does not flash when I begin deflating a tire?

Air Down Mode may not activate under the following conditions:

  • There is interference from an external device
  • The air pressure from the vehicle's inflation device is not sufficient to reinflate the tire
  • There is a malfunction in the Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • There is a malfunction in the horn or turn signal lamps
  • The battery of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensor is low
  • The vehicle is not in Park
  • The vehicle is off
  • You may not have activated the feature by entering Air Down Mode app in the infotainment system, selecting the target pressure and pressing the Start button
  • If Air Down Mode does not operate due to Tire Pressure Monitoring System interference, move the vehicle about 3 ft. (1 m) back or forward and try again. If the Onboard Tire Inflate/Deflate Assist feature is not working, use a tire pressure gauge to determine tire pressure

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