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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about reserving and purchasing an electric vehicle.

Buying an EV

Why should I purchase an electric vehicle?

You can skip the gas station and enjoy additional perks like HOV lane access (where available) and zero tailpipe emissions. Charging your vehicle at home is convenient. With available 240-volt charging, you can plug in while you sleep and, in most cases, wake up to a full charge every day.

Is Chevrolet currently offering any incentives or Special Offers?

Incentive offers vary throughout the year. To see Chevrolet's national or regional incentives visit the Chevrolet Special Offers page or, to inquire about any potential local offers, visit the Chevrolet Dealer Locator.

Am I eligible for any state, local or utility incentives?

You may qualify for state, local or utility savings. Consult with your local utility providers and tax preparer for possible savings eligibility.

What are the different option packages and prices?

Because the available options and their prices vary from model to model, it's best to ask your dealer for the specifics. He or she will be glad to explain the options available for the model you're interested in. Or, you can create your ideal vehicle using the Build & Buy tool.

When can I place an order for next year's model?

Ask your local Chevrolet dealer for specifics about the model you're interested in. They will be glad to provide you with a schedule. To locate a Chevrolet dealer please visit the Chevrolet Dealer Locator.

How can I obtain additional information on a new Chevrolet before the vehicle is produced?

Most new Chevrolet launch vehicles have a link on their product page that allows consumers to sign up and receive email updates as additional information becomes available on the new launch vehicle.

How are trade-in values determined?

Your trade-in value is determined by the Dealer and could vary based on many factors, including mileage, the overall condition of your vehicle, the popularity of your vehicle and current regional market conditions. Check with your Dealer for details.

Can I purchase a Chevrolet directly from the factory?

No. However, you may order a vehicle from the factory through an authorized Chevrolet dealer. To locate a Chevrolet dealer please visit the Chevrolet Dealer Locator or create a custom order through the Build and Buy tool.

What types of vehicle financing are available through GM Financial?

Whether you want to lease or buy, your GM dealership and GM Financial have some smart ways to fit a new GM vehicle into your life and your budget. To view the range of GM Financial financing choices your dealership offers to qualified customers, visit GM Financial.


What is a reservation?

A reservation is a way to let us know you’re interested in an upcoming EV so you’re at the front of the line when vehicles become available to purchase through your selected dealer. After you make your reservation, you will be contacted by your selected dealer to complete and submit an order, which is expected to occur several months before vehicle production date.

Is the reservation amount refundable?

Yes, your amount is refundable if you cancel your reservation prior to completing and submitting an order with your selected dealer. You may cancel your reservation by contacting your selected dealer; calling the EV Concierge at 1-833-EVCHEVY (1-833-382-4389) or accessing your manage reservation account provided in your reservation confirmation email. After your cancellation request is approved, please allow several business days for refunds to be processed.

No dealers are showing up when I enter my ZIP code. Are there no dealers in my area?

Please make sure you are hitting the “View Dealers” button. Doing so will populate a list of your closest participating dealers. Or please visit the Chevrolet Dealer Locator.

I completed my reservation. What’s next?

Your selected dealer will contact you when it is time to place an order. At that time, you will confirm your order details such as the model, year, color, options, and discuss the price of your vehicle and an estimated delivery date with your selected dealer.

Where is my reservation confirmation email?

It may take up to 24 hours to receive your reservation confirmation email.

Where can I get a copy of my reservation agreement?

Your reservation agreement is available and can be printed or saved at the end of the online reservation process. If you did not save or print your reservation agreement at the time you submitted your online reservation, you may contact your selected dealer for a copy of your reservation agreement.

What if I had technical difficulties processing my reservation request?

Please close your browser, clear your cache and try again. You may also contact Chevrolet Support for more help. 

Who can I contact with questions about my reservation?

If you have questions, please contact your selected Chevrolet dealer or a Chevrolet Specialist at 1-833-EVCHEVY (1-833-382-4389).

Where can I find my reservation ID?

Your Reservation ID can be found on the Thank You web page and in your reservation confirmation email. If you cannot locate it, please contact 1-833-EVCHEVY (1-833-382-4389).

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