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Battery Preconditioning – Quick Start

When you plan to stop at a public Fast Charging Station, you can precondition your battery on the way there. This will help bring the battery to an ideal temperature to optimize charging performance.

Fast Charge Prep:


  1. When you’re on your way to a Fast Charging Station, tap the Charging App icon on your vehicle’s center display.
  2. Tap the Settings menu option (it looks like a gear) and select the Fast Charge Prep option.
  3. You should start preconditioning up to 30 minutes away (or 60 minutes away in temperatures 20 degrees F or lower) from the charging station for the best performance.


If your vehicle has Google built-in compatibility and you route to a charging station using in-vehicle Google Maps, your vehicle can automatically precondition the battery. You can set this up in the Settings menu of the Charging App.


Note: There are several factors that impact how fast your vehicle charges, including the charging station’s capability, your vehicle’s capability, the charge level of your battery and the temperature of your battery.

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