Silverado EV Work Truck Quick Start Guides

Explore the new technology, driving capabilities and other key features available in your Silverado EV.

Advanced Trailering System & Tow/Haul Mode

Make trailering easier and more versatile with cameras, connected features and drive mode switching.

Battery Preconditioning

Prepare your vehicle’s battery for charging on the way to public charging stations.

Customizable Vehicle Displays

Customize what information shows up on your vehicle’s displays.

Energy Information/Screens

Monitor your vehicle’s energy usage and view real-time energy efficiency information.


Storage compartment with auxiliary power outlet accessible under the eTrunk hood.

EV Route Planning

Plan a driving route based on your EV’s current charge and public charging stations along the way.

Hands-Free Start

If equipped, start your EV without a key or pressing a button.

One-Pedal Driving

Use only your accelerator pedal to help control vehicle deceleration.

Vehicle to Load (V2L) and PowerBase

Use outlets in your EV, if equipped, to power or charge other electric devices.

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