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quick start guide

Energy Information – Quick Start

Tap the Vehicle Status icon on your center touch-screen display to learn about how your vehicle is using energy. When the app opens, tap Energy Info in the menu to see details for the Energy Usage and Energy Efficiency of your current trip.

Energy Usage: Monitor your energy use and impacts on efficiency. The data resets each time the vehicle restarts, and you can tap any item for more detail. You may see:

  • Distance driven since last reset.
  • Total energy used since last reset.
  • How factors such as climate usage, battery conditioning and your driving habits have impacted your energy use.


Energy Efficiency: A real-time, color-coded graph shows your vehicle’s efficiency for up to the last 30 miles. Other information displayed may include:

  • Trip total: Distance driven for the current trip.
  • Average miles-per-kilowatt hour: The overall average of energy consumed during the current trip.
  • Regenerated miles: Mileage produced through regenerative braking or One-Pedal Driving.
  • Show in Driver Information Center (DIC): This button allows you to show or hide energy information in the driver display. When you select it, a graph showing your vehicle’s last mile of efficiency information will display in an info card next to the other gauges behind the steering wheel.

For your security, please don’t include personal info such as phone number, address or credit card details.

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