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How To How To How to Use Your Windshield Wiper Controls

Difficulty Level: Novice  |  Time Required: Two minutes

Learn how to operate your windshield wipers and washer. Also covered are instructions for Rainsense. If equipped, Rainsense is an available feature that detects the amount of water on the windshield to automatically control wiper speed.

Windshield Wiper Settings 

  • HI — Fast wipes: Push the wiper lever up to the third detent.
  • LO — Slow wipes: Push the wiper lever up to the second detent.
  • INT — Intermittent wipes (or Rainsense wipes, if equipped):

o    Push the wiper lever up to the first detent.

o    Rotate the intermittent band to adjust intermittent wiper speed.

o    If your vehicle has Rainsense, this setting will be labeled AUTO (see below)

  • OFF — Turns wipers off.
  • 1x — Single wipe: Pull the lever down. If you hold the lever down, the wipers will keep wiping for up to 12 seconds and then stop.  

Windshield Washer Spray

Activating the washer spray depends on the vehicle model. Check your Owner’s Manual for specifics. Common options include:

  1. Pull the wiper toward you.
  2. Push the tab at the end of the lever.

Rainsense Operation

  1. Move the windshield wiper lever to AUTO. The Driver Information Center will display that Rainsense is enabled.
  2. Turn the Rainsense sensitivity band UP for more sensitivity to moisture.
  3. Turn the Rainsense sensitivity band DOWN for less sensitivity to moisture.
  4. Move the lever out of AUTO to cancel Rainsense.


Note: When the vehicle is in NEUTRAL, Rainsense automatically disables to prevent the wipers from activating in an automatic car wash.

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