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about About Blind Zone Steering Assist

Blind Zone Steering Assist can provide a brief, firm turn of the steering wheel when a potential crash is detected with a moving vehicle in the lane you’re entering.

About Blind Zone Steering Assist

If equipped, Blind Zone Steering Assist works with the available Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert features.


When the feature is enabled, Blind Zone Steering Assist operates when the vehicle is in a Forward gear and the Lane Keep Assist and Lane Change Alert features is are on and able to detect lane lines.


Check your owner’s manual to confirm at which speed your vehicle’s Blind Zone Steering Assist feature will activate. For example, on some vehicles it only works at speeds above 31 mph [50 kph].


Blind Zone Steering Assist will only turn the wheel when you’re going above certain speeds but may provide alerts at lower speeds.

How the Feature Alerts You When You May Be Unintentionally Drifting Out of Detected Lane Lines

  • If Blind Zone Steering Assist senses you may be entering a lane in which a detected vehicle is in your vehicle’s side blind zone, you’ll also see a blinking amber LANE CHANGE ALERT icon in your outside rearview mirrors.
  • When this happens, a momentary “push back” steering wheel turn will also occur to help prompt you to take action to avoid a potential lane change collision. Additionally, six low-pitched beeps or six Safety Alert Seat pulses will occur from the direction of the lane change (if equipped, depending on your selected Alert Type menu option). If the system detects that you are not reacting, you may hear these warnings repeat. 
  • If the system detects you may not be steering the vehicle, you may see a TAKE STEERING message alert.

Things to Remember When Using Blind Zone Steering Assist

  • Blind Zone Steering Assist, like Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, is designed for clear weather conditions. You should disable these features in slippery or low-traction conditions.
  • On some vehicles, Blind Zone Steering Assist is not available when your vehicle is in Track, Terrain, Snow/Ice, Off-Road or CrabWalk modes (if equipped).
  • Though this feature provides momentary steering wheel input, you should note that it does not continuously steer the vehicle. The system does not provide warnings when it detects you are actively steering, braking or accelerating.
  • You should always check your mirrors, glance over your shoulder and use your turn signal before changing lanes.

Turning the Feature Off

  • You can turn this feature on and off using the Settings menu on your infotainment system. You can turn Blind Zone Steering Assist off separately from Lane Keep Assist and/or Lane Change Alert.

Blind Zone Steering Assist With Trailering

Some vehicles are equipped with Blind Zone Steering Assist with Trailering. Blind Zone Steering Assist with trailering can alert you and provide a brief, firm turn of the steering wheel when a potential crash is detected with a moving vehicle in a side blind zone that is extended to trailer lengths.


Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Visibility, weather, and road conditions may affect feature performance. Read the vehicle owner’s manual for more important feature limitations and information.

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How do I know when Blind Zone Steering Assist is active and ready to provide steering wheel input?

Blind Zone Steering Assist is active when the following conditions are met:

  • The feature is enabled in the Settings menu.
  • Lane Change Alert is enabled.
  • Lane Keep Assist is enabled and within its active speed range.
  • The Lane Keep Assist icon in your Driver Information Center (DIC) is green.
  • Your vehicle's rear radar sensors are functional and not covered with snow, ice or dirt or non-functional for any other reason.
  • Your vehicle is not heavily braking or accelerating.

Why does the vehicle cross the lane marker before I get a Blind Zone Steering Assist?

Blind Zone Steering Assist is not intended to replace normal driver attention or steering, so you should be actively steering to stay in your lane at all times. It’s also designed to try to avoid giving you corrections when you’re intentionally changing lanes. Therefore, your vehicle may be over the lane marker before a warning is issued.

What does it mean when the LANE KEEP ASSIST icon turns white?

The LANE KEEP ASSIST icon will turn white under these conditions:

  • The feature’s camera is unable to detect lane lines due to poor visibility, such as conditions (e.g., fog, rain or faded lane lines) in which you would have difficulty seeing the lane lines.
  • You're not moving fast enough for the feature to activate.
  • You're braking or accelerating.

What might prevent Blind Zone Steering Assist from working properly?

If the camera is covered or not properly cleaned (e.g., if the windshield is covered with frost or snow), or if lanes are not clearly visible to the system’s camera sensor, the system may not function as intended. You may see a white LANE KEEP ASSIST icon display when this happens on some vehicles.

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