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About Rear Seat Reminder

Rear Seat Reminder tells you to look in your rear seat before exiting your vehicle under certain conditions. This feature is activated by opening and closing a second-row rear door just before or during vehicle use.

For example, if you open a rear door to put something into the rear seat and then drive to your destination, your vehicle will alert you with a Driver Information Center (DIC) message and audible chimes to remind you that you put something in the rear seat.

About Rear Seat Reminder

Rear Seat Reminder is intended to activate when a second-row door (not including the liftgate/hatch) is opened while the vehicle is turned ON or up to 10 minutes before the vehicle is turned ON. Under these circumstances, when the vehicle is then turned OFF, the feature triggers the reminder to check your rear seat.


The reminder consists of a few chimes accompanied by a message in the Driver Information Center (DIC) that reads, “Rear Seat Reminder Look in Rear Seat.”

Rear Seat Reminder does not detect pets or people. The alert is only triggered when it detects a rear door has been opened.

This feature is active only once each ignition cycle and requires reactivation on a second trip. For example, if you load your backpack into the second row through a rear door, start the vehicle and then stop for a rest break, the Rear Seat Reminder will remind you to “Look in Rear Seat” when the vehicle is turned OFF. If the vehicle is turned back ON and you leave the backpack in the vehicle (without the second-row door being opened and closed), the Rear Seat Reminder will not activate for the second trip, and no reminder will occur when the vehicle is subsequently turned OFF.


To turn this feature off, go to the vehicle’s Settings menu and select “Rear Seat Reminder,” then “Off.” 

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Does my vehicle have this feature?

If you see a message in your Driver Information Center (DIC) that says “Rear Seat Reminder Look in Rear Seat” and hear a few chimes after opening your rear door and turning the vehicle off, your vehicle has this available feature. You also know you have this feature if you see an option to enable or disable Rear Seat Reminder in your vehicle’s Settings menu.

Do I have to turn Rear Sear Reminder ON?

No. If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, it is ON by default from the factory.

Is the volume of the chime adjustable?

No. The volume of the chime may not be adjusted.

Will Rear Seat Reminder tell me if there are objects in my vehicle’s back seat?

No. Rear Seat Reminder does not detect people, animals or objects in the rear seat. It only activates an alert when a rear door has been opened and closed.

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