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how to how to How to Operate the Multi-Flex® Midgate

The Multi-Flex Midgate has 60/40 doors designed to let you lower the entire midgate or just the larger side to extend your truck bed’s cargo space into the cab. 

Operating the Multi-Flex Midgate

To operate the Multi-Flex Midgate, the vehicle must be in PARK with the doors unlocked or have a key fob within 3 feet (1 m) of the vehicle.

Lowering the Midgate:

1. Secure the second-row seat belt buckles to the opening slot in the door trim. 
2. Fold the rear seats. 

- The front seats might have to be moved forward slightly to allow the rear seats to fold all the way.

3. Stand outside of the vehicle and hold the midgate securely so it does not fall forward.  

- The midgate will be heavy and will require some effort to lift and close.

4. Locate the button at the bottom of the midgate (there is one on each side). 
5. Press either button to open the larger door of the midgate (the 60-passthrough door).   
6. Press either button a second time to open the smaller door if the large door is already open.  
7. If the glass is stowed, pressing either button once will open the entire midgate. 

Raising the Midgate:

1. Secure the second-row seat belt buckles to the opening slot in the door trim.  
2. Raise the midgate with a motion firm enough to engage the latches. Make sure it closes properly.  

- The midgate will be heavy and will require some effort to lift and close.

3. If the rear glass is removed, replace it using the directions for Reinstalling the Rear Glass.
4. Once the glass is reinstalled and the midgate is securely latched, raise the seats, and release the seat belt buckles from the slot in the door trim. 

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Can I lower just the smaller side of the Multi-Flex Midgate?

You can lower the larger side of the doors (60-passthrough) or both the large and small doors together. You cannot lower the smaller (40-passthrough) door by itself.

The midgate is not opening. Why?

Make sure the vehicle is in PARK with the doors unlocked, since this is necessary for the midgate release buttons to work. Additionally, check that the door latches (for both the 60- and 40-passthrough midgate doors) and the crossbar latches are closed. These latches must be closed even when the glass is out. If any of the midgate latches are open, even slightly, the midgate will not open. A message will appear in the driver cluster display alerting you that the midgate latches are open.

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