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We work with our trusted charger installation, Qmerit, to help get your Dual-Level Cord Set or Level 2 Charger, GM PowerUP or GM PowerUP+, up and running. Follow the steps below to get started.

The Qmerit Assist 

Qmerit will assess your home, and then a licensed, insured, and background-checked EV expert in your area will handle everything, from installation to pulling any permits required by your city or state.


Home Charger Icon

Compare Chargers to figure out which charger is best for you. 


Installation Form Icon

Fill out our online installation form with a mobile device to easily add pictures of where you want charging installed. 


Authorized Dealer Icon

Review the installation “Next Steps” you receive via email from Qmerit. 


Electrician Icon

Confirm electrician has secured applicable permit(s) and schedule your installation.  


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Ask electrician to demonstrate your charger to confirm it works properly, then start charging.

Installation Details

Not seeing something you’re curious about? Here’s some Frequently Asked EV Questions that might help you find what you’re looking for. 

How do I find someone to install a home charging station for me? 

Chevrolet has collaborated with Qmerit to provide home charging installers in your area to handle everything from installation to pulling any necessary permits required by your city or state.

How do I submit an EV Install Form? 

Your vehicle onboarding process, provided by Chevrolet, will generate an e-mail with a link to complete the EV Installation form. It is recommended that you use your mobile device to upload photos and complete the form. If you do not receive the link in your onboarding communications, you can access the installation form here.

How long is the charging cable?

The Dual Level Charge Cord has 22 feet of reach. The GM PowerUP charge cord has 25 feet of reach. Extension cords are not authorized for use with this accessory.

How is an installation scheduled? 

After you submit your EV Installation Form, a Qmerit electrician will review the form and you will be contacted via email within 3 business days. Once you accept the project scope and acknowledge applicable fees, you can schedule an installation appointment. In the event that permitting times are highly variable, the electrician may need to secure your permit first and then follow up with you to schedule installation.

What happens if I am not contacted by Qmerit after submitting my EV installation form?

You can contact Qmerit at 888-272-0090 between 7AM – 5PM PST / 10AM – 8PM EST.

How are electricians selected? 

Trained and Qmerit approved electricians are matched to customers based on proximity and availability. 

Are these electricians certified and insured?

Yes, and additionally, electricians are thoroughly vetted via background check by Qmerit. 

Questions on your home installation? 

For technical questions related to your installation you can call 888-272-0090 or you can email . If you have any charging station hardware or EV vehicle questions reach out to a Chevrolet Specialist at 1-833-EVCHEVY (1-833-382-4389).