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Home Charging
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Types of Charging
Charging Basics
Public Charging
Charging your vehicle at home
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Home Charging Outlet
Installation on us
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Charging Options
Multiple charging speeds
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Charge while you’re at home
Home Charging Outlet
Installation on us
Home Charging
Faster Charging at Home
240-volt outlet installed with help from Qmerit
Live Electric
Easy to Live Electric
Recharge at home
Charging is so simple, it will fit seamlessly into your routine. Electric vehicles offer great options for charging all of them as simple as plugging in your smartphone.
Level 1
Standard Electrical Outlet
About 4 miles of range per hour of charge
Standard Level 1
Charge almost anywhere there is a 3-prong outlet
120-Volt household Outlet
A great option for an average commute of around 40 miles or less each day.
Charge almost anywhere there is a common household 3-prong outlet.
About 4 miles of range per hour of charge.
Level 2
Dual Level Charge Cord
240-Volt Appliance Outlet
Bolt EV - about 26 miles of range per hour of charge
Level 2
Home Charging Units
Dual Level Charge Cord
The recommended charging solution for everyday charging.

When used at 240-volts, the Dual Level Charge Cord can fully recharge from empty in about 10 hours, or add about 25 miles of range per hour of charge.

No need to buy a separate charger, take it with you and use at 120-volt, or 240-volt outlets.

Use the available Dual Level Charge Cord to charge on the go wherever there is a NEMA 14-50 outlet, like at many RV parks.

Level 2
Charging Units
240-Volt up to 80 amp
Bolt EV Up to 39 Miles of range per hour of charge
Level 2
Home Charging Units
Wall Charger

An 11.5kW (48 amp) charging unit can fully recharge the battery in about 7 hours.

The most common charger found at public charging stations.
Wall chargers are capable of up to 19.2kW charging (vehicle capability may be less).

Add about 39 miles per hour of charge on Bolt EV, or 37 miles per hour of charge on Bolt EUV.

A quick way to top off before going out on the town or taking a last minute trip.
Level 2
Charge around town
Bolt EV - About 39 miles of range per hour of charge
Level 2
Charge in many public locations
Most common type of public charging station
Available in many locations such as stores, restaurants, parking garages, and hotels.
Charge while you work at available stations
Charge your vehicle while you are on the go
Pay as you charge or leverage complimentary charging locations
DC Fast Charging
Public charging while you’re on the go
Bolt EV - Up to 100 miles of range in about 30 minutes
DC Fast Charging
Charge while you’re away from home
Accelerated charging while you’re on the go
Charge your vehicle for extended road trips beyond the range of a single charge

Add up to 100 miles for Bolt EV or 95 miles for Bolt EUV in 30 minutes

Use the MyChevrolet app with Energy Assist to plan your route and find charging stops along the way

A fast way to charge if you’re short on time or can’t wait for other charging options
Plug in your vehicle like your phone. At home! Learn everything you need to know about home charging.

The Dual Level Charge Cord features a changeable plug, giving you the flexibility of using Level 1 or 2 charging at home (professional installation required). Level 1 charging can be used anywhere there is a 3-prong 120-volt outlet. This is a great option to top off. Level 2 charging is used with a 240-volt outlet and gives you faster charging at home. DC Fast Charging is the highest level of charging and can only be found in public.

Upgrade your charging speeds with Ultium charging:
• Ultium Chargers are seamless and integrated Level 2 charging solutions for your home
• Base and premium models in both plug-in and hardwired configurations
• Up to 48 amps and 11.5kW on base models
• Up to 80 amps and 19.2kW for premium chargers
• Enhanced and connected features allow customers to monitor energy use and cost, and personalize charging needs in real-time from the myChevy app.

Charge your vehicle like you charge your phone and never stop at a gas station again. With the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV, you have a number of options when it comes to setting your charging schedule. We make it easy for you to program your vehicle to charge when and where you are with location based charging. There are also settings specific to priority charging that allows you to charge when it is best for the grid and take advantage of lower utility rates.

We know that up to 80% of charging is done at home. The fastest way to charge at home is using a Level 2 charger with a 240-volt outlet. We have made it easy for you with our covered home charging outlet installation promotion . Chevrolet will cover standard installation of Level 2 charging outlet for eligible customers who purchase or lease a 2022 Bolt EUV or Bolt EV, helping even more people experience how easy it is to live electric. In collaboration with Qmerit, the offer gives customers access to faster charging right where they want it at home.

110,000+ Charging Points
In the US and Canada
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Charge on the go
Level 2 and DC Fast Charging
Energy Assist
All from your smartphone