About Enrolling in My Chevrolet Rewards

Enroll in My Chevrolet Rewards and earn on most things you do with Chevrolet, whether you are a current owner, lessee or non- Chevrolet vehicle customer.

How It Works

Signing up is free and no purchase is required. To set up your My Chevrolet Rewards account, use the enrollment application and accept the program's terms and conditions. Enroll using your My Account credentials for a single login experience across GM programs. Your participating dealer can assist with the enrollment process, or our GM Rewards Member Support Center is available Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m.–8 p.m. (EST). 


Once enrolled, members can customize their program experience by completing their account profile, located under the Settings tab on the Rewards home page. They can also link other GM accounts to the new My Chevrolet Rewards account for added benefits.


Enrolling in My Chevrolet Rewards benefits members by earning you points for the purchase or lease of an eligible, new Chevrolet vehicle; Certified Pre-Owned vehicle; GM Certified Service and accessories/parts at participating dealerships; most OnStar® and Connected Services Plans and GM Financial.

Program Rules

  • Members must be 18 years or older and live in the U.S. to join the My Chevrolet Rewards program.
  • There may be more than one account within a household as each person at the same address can have their own account. However, you cannot merge an account with another family member.
  • Each member account can have only one email associated with a My Rewards account.
  • GM employees, retirees and supplier employees are eligible for this program.
  • Some GM vehicles are not eligible to earn and redeem points on this program. See your participating dealer for exclusions. For 2021, the 2021/2020 Chevrolet Corvette and the 2022 GMC Hummer EVs are excluded for redemption.
  • Your brand preference is the brand you enroll through, but you can change your preference at any time by going into your My Account Account Settings page and updating your program brand preference.
  • What tier you’re in is based on vehicle spend, or GM non-vehicle spend, or Cardmember status and spend. When you join My Chevrolet Rewards, your initial tier placement is awarded based on your GM vehicle ownership history. You’ll stay in that tier through the end of the following full calendar year, unless you move to the next tier level based on recent spend activity with GM. My Chevrolet Rewards Cardmembers automatically advance to the Gold tier. For more information on tier status when enrolling, see benefits and tiers.

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What if my email is already tied to an existing My Rewards account?

If an email is already associated to an existing My Rewards account, that My Rewards account information will appear when logging into My Account. Existing My Rewards members who are part of the My Chevrolet Rewards Card program will have two My Rewards accounts and should contact the GM Rewards Member Support Team at (800) 634-4612 for assistance with consolidating the accounts.  

How do I merge two My Rewards accounts together?

Only one email can be associated to a My Rewards account. New My Chevrolet Rewards Cardmembers who are existing My Rewards members will have two My Rewards accounts upon migrating to the My Chevrolet Rewards Card. The My Rewards accounts will not be automatically merged after being migrated to the My Chevrolet Rewards Card. Please contact the GM Rewards Member Support Team for assistance with merging your accounts at (800) 634-4612.

How do I benefit from setting up a Rewards profile?

By completing a My Rewards profile, members can personalize their GM experience by updating their brand and vehicle preferences and more.

How do I link my OnStar account with My Chevrolet Rewards account?

OnStar accounts are automatically linked when enrolled in My Rewards, provided the member has the same My Account credentials for both their My Rewards account and their OnStar account. If there is a discrepancy in the VIN displayed, contact the GM Rewards Member Support Team for further direction.

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