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How To How To How to Use Rear Automatic Climate Controls

Difficulty Level: Novice  |  Time Required: Two minutes  |  Tools Required: None

Set the desired temperature, and the system will automatically heat or cool the rear-seat area accordingly. Here’s how to operate the system.

How to Use Rear Automatic Climate Controls

  1. Fan control
  2. Automatic operation
  3. Air delivery mode control
  4. Temperature control
  5. Heated rear seats (if equipped) 

Rear settings can also be adjusted from the front seat using the infotainment screen (see Owner’s Manual for infotainment screen instructions).

Automatic Operation Using the Rear Controls

  1. Make sure the power is on.
  2. Adjust the Temperature knob to the desired temperature.
  3. Press the Auto button. The system will automatically adjust the fan and air delivery mode to reach and maintain the selected temperature. Note: If you adjust the fan or mode afterwards, Auto mode will deactivate. 


  • Press the Sync button on the front controls to match all zones to the driver’s settings
  • Select Lock in the climate control settings on the infotainment screen to prevent young children or other rear passengers from changing the rear settings. The Lock icon will appear on the rear seat display 

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When I shut the vehicle off and restart it again, will Rear Automatic Climate Control still be active?

Yes. Rear Automatic Climate Control will remain on until you turn it off. On some vehicles, the rear-seat occupants may find that the rear-seat climate control settings are synchronized to the driver’s settings on each ignition cycle.

How do I turn off Rear Automatic Climate Control?

You can use the front infotainment screen controls to turn off Rear Automatic Climate Control, or you can lower the fan setting on the rear-seat controls until the system goes off.

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