Every reason to drive electric

An impressive EPA-estimated 238 miles of range. A beautifully sculpted exterior and spacious interior. With thousands of excited owners and millions of miles driven, Bolt EV has completely reinvented what an electric vehicle can be.

“Everyone who rides in it just loves it. It’s very modern feeling and so easy to drive . . . I’m very happy with my Bolt EV.”
- Maria Mraz, San Francisco, CA

STARTING AT: $37,495


AS SHOWN: $42,760

STARTING AT: $37,495


AS SHOWN: $42,760

STARTING AT: $37,495


AS SHOWN: $42,760

STARTING AT: $37,495


AS SHOWN: $42,760

STARTING AT: $37,495


AS SHOWN: $42,760

STARTING AT: $37,495


AS SHOWN: $43,155

STARTING AT: $37,495


AS SHOWN: $43,155

STARTING AT: $37,495


AS SHOWN: $43,155

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Why Buy: EV Range


WhyBuy: One Pedal Driving


Why Buy: 0-60 Speedometer

0-60 IN 6.5 SECONDS† 

WhyBuy: 2017 IIHS Top Safety Pick


Some days are long. Your range is too.

Not sure how far an EPA-estimated 238 miles will get you? Think about it this way: The average daily commute is only about 40 miles round trip. So you’ll have more than enough range to get through an average day – and you could go up to three or four days, or even more, without needing to plug in.  


With just a simple pull of the paddle on your steering wheel, you’re able to slow down without using the actual brake pedal. This helps convert energy into more electricity and then transfers it back to the battery.   


Instead of losing energy when slowing down, this feature helps you transfer energy to the battery. It works like this: When driving in Low mode at any speed, you can slow down – or even come to a complete stop – by simply lifting your foot off the accelerator. This means you may use your brakes less and help increase your range. One-Pedal Driving and deceleration features may be limited when the battery is near full charge or cold. You should always use your brake pedal if you need to stop quickly. See owner’s manual for full details on One-Pedal Driving and Regen on Demand.

Watch the experts talk about efficiency at chevyevlife.com


Allows you to easily and electronically select gears, while providing a smooth and precise response. So there’s no clunky shifter, which creates more open front passenger space.

Charging is as easy as plugging in your cell phone

The great thing about Bolt EV is you can top off your battery as much or as little as you like. Or you can simply plug in at night and by the morning it’s charged up and ready to go. Without thinking, plugging in could become a part of your daily routine.   



  • The fastest way to recharge your battery at home (professional Installation required)
  • Offers more power than the standard 120-volt outlet
  • Can provide up to 25 miles of range per hour of charge time



  • Bolt EV offers DC Fast Charging capability
  • Provides up to 90 miles of range in about 30 minutes of charge time
  • DC Fast Charging stations are available for public use



  • Program your charge settings whether you’re home or away
  • Using the GPS signal in the car, Bolt EV will know when you’re home and will activate according to your preset times. If you’re somewhere else, Bolt EV will know to charge immediately
  • Delay charging until utility rates are at their lowest, which is usually at night while you sleep

See how easy charging really is at chevyevlife.com

Watch charging videos at chevyevlife.com

Charging right at home

Charge right at home with AeroVironment’s Level 2, 32amp EVSE-RS with a 25ft cord (professional installation required). This associated Chevrolet accessory allows you to reliably charge your Bolt EV up to five times faster than with traditional cord sets and is easy to use, elegantly designed and rated for indoor or outdoor installation.

Get going with ChargePoint®†

Every Bolt EV comes with a ChargePoint®† card in your glove box, which allows access to thousands of public charging stations. Just activate your card, scan, swipe and go.  

It all starts with the battery

A nickel-rich lithium-ion battery technology makes it possible to enjoy Bolt EV for a very long time. Here’s how: The battery chemistry enhances heat resistance, allowing the battery to tolerate heat before using power to cool it down. And an active thermal management system helps manage the battery temperature in extremely hot and cold weather conditions.

Watch a video about the battery at chevyevlife.com

All eyes over here

A crossover design from the inside out, Bolt EV is a natural head turner, with beautifully sculpted proportions and eye-catching details. You may have to look again before you even notice it’s an all-electric vehicle.


  • Electronic precision shift
  • Michelin® self-sealing tires
  • 10.2-inch diagonal color touch-screen
  • Rear vision camera


Includes LT features plus:

  • Rear Camera Mirror
  • Surround Vision
  • Leather-wrapped heated steering wheel

Expressive Proportions
Sculpted bodysides and strong wheel arches offer a solid, robust stance on the road


Enclosed, flat underbody
Because batteries do not require air for combustion, an enclosed, flat underbody streamlines airflow and improves aerodynamics


Fold flat seats
Seats easily fold down for 56.6 cu. ft. of  flexible cargo volume. Thanks to 60/40 split-folding rear seats, you'll have the flexibility to transport larger shaped items whenever you need

Versatile cargo space
It's huge back there. With a maximum cargo space of 56.6 cu. ft, Bolt EV is fit to take on your life

Available false cargo floor
Provides additional space when you need it while keeping your cargo organized, easily accessible and neatly stowed away


Seats five comfortably

The creative design offers an open and spacious feel for exceptional shoulder room, head room and leg room

Multipurpose front console

Delivers a functional, usable space with sliding armrest and massive storage bins. Also enjoy generously sized cup holders and available wireless charging behind the shifter

Flat floor

Battery positioning allows for increased spaciousness and easy entrance and exit for you and your passengers

Upload all you want

With 56.6 cu. ft. of cargo space, Bolt EV is engineered to provide more room than you’d expect in an electric vehicle. So when it comes to more usable room for your stuff, you have the flexibility to carry larger, oddly shaped items.  

Know your power

Want to know how much energy you’re using? There are screens for that. Valuable, real-time information such as your battery levels, range estimation, charge settings and climate controls is available on the standard 10.2-inch diagonal color touch-screen and 8-inch diagonal driver cluster.


Driver Information Center

You get detailed vehicle information at a glance. Plus, you get to customize the type of data you want displayed based on your personal preference – from Classic to Modern and Enhanced Visual Modes.

Energy Details

This screen breaks down the percent of energy used during driving, including your climate controls and battery conditioning.

Energy History

See how your total energy is being used in a bar graph format that displays energy efficiency in five-mile intervals for the previous 50 miles.  

Energy Usage Score

This is an index score based on factors that may influence energy consumption such as driving technique, terrain, climate settings and outside temperature.  

Always the right light

Pull it up on the big screen

The interactive, standard 10.2-inch diagonal tablet-like display makes it easy to view and quickly access real-time vehicle information. Splitscreens and expanded views allow you to simply navigate and retrieve your music, contacts and more.   

Bolt EV offers support for Apple CarPlay, a smarter way to use your iPhone® to listen to Apple Music, get directions with Apple Maps, call friends and more

Connect your compatible smartphone to the center display to access select apps, your calendar and playlists or navigate with Google MapsTM.

4G LTE Wi-Fi

Stay seamlessly connected with available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi.®† Connect up to seven devices to easily access apps, stream music or work on the go, on a signal that’s more powerful than your smartphone.

myChevrolet Mobile App

You can remotely start your vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, even warm up your car while it’s charging - all with the tap of a finger. The available myChevrolet Mobile App™ also lets you monitor charge status at any time, even when you’re not in your vehicle. You can find charging stations, view diagnostic information and set parking reminders from virtually anywhere. It’s just one more example of Bolt EV technology working for you.   

Many safety features, only one you.

Bolt EV has the technology available to help make your driving safer, including a number of ingenious radar- and camera-based systems for protection on all sides.


Bolt EV offers an array of safety technologies to help you prevent dangerous situations on the road.


  • 10 Air Bags
  • Utilizes Advanced High-Strength Steel Frame


  • OnStar® Safety & Security Plan with Automatic Crash Response is standard for the first month

Safety starts with you. Safety features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for important feature limitations and information.


As a Chevy first, this available feature uses four strategically placed cameras to create a virtual bird’s-eye view of the vehicle. While maneuvering at low speed, all camera viewpoints seamlessly merge to transmit a clear side-by-side digital image to the large 10.2-inch diagonal screen, helping you to see both the area behind and around you. Just by looking at one screen, you get twice the view.

Chevrolet Complete Care
Chevrolet Complete Care

We’re with you all the way

As your comprehensive owner benefit program, Chevrolet Complete Care ensures our commitment to owner satisfaction for all 2017 Chevrolet models.

  • 2 included maintenance visits
  • 8 years or 100,000 miles of battery and electric components coverage and Courtesy Transportation
  • Chevrolet Connected Access with 10 years of standard connectivity, including 5 years of mobile app EV and Remote Key Fob commands
  • Enjoy a 1-month trial of Chevrolet Connected Services and 1 month of OnStar® Safety & Security Coverage

Bolt EV Incentives

Get a federal tax credit of up to $7,500

Drive green, and you could keep more of your green come tax time. When you purchase a Bolt EV, you could receive a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Check with your tax professional for details.

Depending on which state you live in, purchasing a Bolt EV could also qualify you for additional savings. State EV incentives are subject to change with little notice. Check your state website for the latest information. You should also talk with your electricity provider about additional savings and rebates in your area.

See how Bolt EV pulls rank



Find a Bolt EV that fits your budget

Quickly estimate your monthly payment amount with the Affordability Check. Without affecting your credit score, this easy-to-use tool is designed to find Chevrolet vehicles that are a perfect match for you and your price range.

Where can I buy a Bolt EV?

The Bolt EV is available at certified dealers nationwide. To find one in your area, simply enter your ZIP code for the nearest location.

1. MSRP Disclosure

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Your safety is very important to us

If you want to determine whether or not there is a recall on your current vehicle or on a vehicle you are considering, visit www.nhtsa.gov/recalls or call (888) 327-4236

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*The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles' destination freight charges.

  • Your actual range may vary based on several factors including temperature, terrain, and driving technique

  • Extra Cost Color

  • As low as $29,995 after federal tax credit. After tax amount shown includes full $7,500 tax credit after $37,495 MSRP. Tax credit ranges from $0 to $7500. Tax, title, license, dealer fees extra. Actual savings from the federal government depend on your tax situation. Consult your tax professional for details.

  • Tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment extra.

  • EPA-estimated 238-mile EV range. Your actual range may vary based on several factors including temperature, terrain, and driving technique.

  • Based on initial vehicle movement.

  • CHARGEPOINT is a U.S. registered trademark and service mark of ChargePoint, Inc.

  • Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

  • The system wirelessly charges one PMA- or Qi-compatible mobile device. Some devices require an adaptor or back cover. To check for phone or other device compatibility, visit my.chevrolet.com/learn for details.

  • Vehicle user interface is a product of Apple and its terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible iPhone and data plan rates apply. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

  • Vehicle user interface is a product of Google and its terms and privacy statements apply. Requires the Android Auto app on Google Play and an Android compatible smartphone running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher and data plan rates apply. Android, Android Auto, Google, Google Play and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.

  • Service varies with conditions and location. Requires active OnStar service and paid AT&T data plan. Visit onstar.com for details and limitations.

  • Requires compatible Apple or Android device and data connection. Remote Services require paid plan.

  • Always use seat belts and child restraints. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate child restraint. See the Owner’s Manual for more information.

  • Model year 2018 and newer vehicles include: 1 month of OnStar Safety & Security Plan and 1 month of Chevrolet Connected Services which include navigation services, Remote Access Plan and 1 month or 3 gigabytes of 4G LTE data (whichever comes first) from vehicle delivery date. Services are subject to user terms and limitations. Visit onstar.com for more details. Data plans offered by AT&T. Availability subject to change.

  • Maintenance visits must occur within two years or 24,000 miles of vehicle delivery, whichever comes first. Does not include air filters. See participating dealer for other restrictions and complete details.

  • Whichever comes first. See dealer for limited warranty details.

  • Limitations apply. Not transferable. Standard connectivity available to original purchasers for ten years from vehicle delivery date for model year 2018 or newer Chevrolet vehicles. See onstar.com for details and further plan limitations. Connected Access does not include emergency or security services. Availability and additional servicers enabled by Connected Access are subject to change.

  • Each individual’s tax situation is unique. Consult your tax professional prior to claiming any tax-related credits to confirm the vehicle tax benefits for which you may be eligible. Must be claimed by the owner after the purchase or lease of a new Chevrolet Bolt EV.

  • Tax, title, license, dealer fees and additional equipment are extra.

  • The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles' destination freight charges.

  • The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles' destination freight charges.

  • MyLink functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.

  • Do not use summer-only tires in winter conditions, as it would adversely affect vehicle safety, performance and durability. Use only GM-approved tire and wheel combinations. Unapproved combinations may change the vehicle’s performance characteristics. For important tire and wheel information, go to my.chevrolet.com/learn/tires or see your dealer.

  • Requires available Performance Exhaust or Z51 Performance Package.

  • Requires available Performance Exhaust or Z51 Performance Package.

  • If you decide to continue service after your trial, the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. Fees and taxes apply. To cancel you must call SiriusXM at 1-866-635-2349. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement for complete terms at siriusxm.com. All fees and programming subject to change. Sirius, XM, SiriusXM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc.

  • The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles' destination freight charges.